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Blog: Adelaide - Conductive Education

As of the 28th of November 2013 we are booked in and confirmed!!!

Tova will attend the intensive Conductive Ed program during the entire month of January 2014. 7 Hours a day 5 days a week!

Again we will leave the boys at home. At least this time they are much closer and a $40-$60 plane ride if we need them.

When we got back from Canada I found a Conductive Ed program in South Aus. Actually I found a few all around Australia, but the one in SA was just about to start up an intensive therapy program, similar to the one in Canada.
I contacted the owners and had a chat or two. It just so happens that the lady that runs the one here in Adelaide, went to uni and even shared an apartment with the lady that runs the program in Canada. Small World.

Road Trip Home


My alarm woke me at 6am on Saturday. I still had some packing to do, not much, but the trips down to the car and back were annoying. There is only so much I can carry at one time and the distance between the car and the room is quite big, including a flight of stairs and narrow pathways. I got the car all sorted and woke Tova up at about 7.30am.

She got up ate and we left. We got out of Adelaide at about 8am Adelaide time. I was planning on 7am, so 8am is quite reasonable.

We drove, and drove, and drove. It was boring. Very boring.

We drove more, then drove more.

Tova watched DVDs for about 7 - 8 hours of the day. We stopped a few times, ate, stretched our legs and all that. But unlike the drive to Adelaide I rushed our breaks a bit. I wanted to get home in one day.

Once we did eventually get home at about 7pm I decided that if and when we do that again, staying overnight somewhere makes it so much easier. It really is a boring drive. My legs kept hurting from doing nothing. I felt motion for hours after getting out of the car too.

But, it was nice to be home already.

I beeped the car horn when we got home and our boys came out to greet us, including my wonderful Bosun. He leaped over a fence and came bounding towards me. I picked him up, he is so cute, patted him and tried to put him down. He didn't let me.. and dug his claws in when I tried.. Funny cat. I love him. He has been my best friend since something like 2001. He is such a dude.

Tova is so happy to be home. She is now very good at signing MELBOURNE with a big smile. I love it. She is so focused now. I know it is a combination of things, but Future Footprints has alot to take credit for. And the independent play the have brought out in her is outstanding..

The bathroom is almost completed, completed enough to give the kids a bath in there. It is so very much better than the mouldy disgusting bathroom that was there before. And huge now. Thank god.

It is very nice to be home. I'm still unpacking and imagine I will be doing that for a while as it seem so overwhelming.

The kids start school on Thursday. Tova Grade One. And my little Man, well, he starts Prep. His first year of school. I put his uniform on him today to make sure of the sizes before I put his name on everything. Wowzers he is swimming in it. He looks very cute. He is very at peace with starting school. I hope he loves it.

Adelaide was amazing. Even though heaps of it we were sick, the actual reason we were there, the conductive ed was brilliant. Future Footprints is brilliant. I would be tempted to live there for a year if they offered full days 5 days a week. It is probably a good thing they don't. They do have programs 4 days a week and 3 hours a day all year (not in school holidays). But i'm not convinced that is the right thing for us at this stage. Things change all the time though.

We will go back next year I imagine. Now to start saving! Time to win the lotto. I did win $25 the other day.


The photo is of Tova playing with Yuval's shoes this morning when she woke up in her own house! 

Days 18 & 19 - Future Footprints


Ok. I forgot to write yesterday and today. 

Yesterday I woke up much better. Of course just in time for going home.

Tova had a great day and there isn't much else to say. 

Today was the last day. Tova was super excited about that. She kept telling me about Melbourne and the boys and School finished, with the biggest smile ever.

The team at Future Footprints were fantastic. They do run throughout the year but only 4 days a week for 3 hour sessions a day. So it is a big decision to come here and miss school for that. But we'll see. 

Day 17 - Future Footprints

Tova slept quietly the entire night. Thank goodness.

I woke up with one eye all crusty! NICE.. However, they aren't hurting as much... HOWEVER, they aren't great. A very clever friend suggested going to the eye dr, so I have an appointment with one tomorrow morning. (Thanks K).

I haven't taken panadol at all today, so it must mean I am getting better.

But I haven't really moved at all for 3 weeks. I wonder how unfit and chubby I am now.. great.... Oh well.. It has been a break, perhaps not the best break, but nice to be lazy for a while. I just hope my gym clothes fit me when I get back. I may have to hide in the back dark corner of the room for the first few weeks..

On a more interesting note:

I was telling Tova that we are going to Melbourne in about 2 or 3 days and she signed Aba and Nissim! Omg, she is so focused these days.

The Conductor showed me a video of Tova from today. They have mentioned to me that they noticed Tova doesn't play independently very much and gets adults to do things for her and play with her or she will pretty much do nothing. The said that it must be very hard for me and Yuval.. "Yep, you hit the nail in it's head" I said...

So the video they showed me was of tova, not one adult near her, and her playing with two hands stacking shapes on a stick, and other stuff with the shapes like putting them in one bowl then another.. by her self! OUTSTANDING! We would love Tova to play by herself. Nissim is very good at it... most children are. But not Tova, she kinda shuts down if no one is interacting with her. We use the TV to help with this, but try to limit it.

Ok.. here is to an easy night..

No hospital before we leave!

Day 16 - Future Footprints


I'm on edge a bit. Worried that Tova will get sick in the last days. She was very drooly today apparently. Last week when that happened she ended up being all sick and having to stay home for 4 days. 

My eyes are still from hell. If I wake up crap tomorrow I am going back to the DR. They joys.

I am so glad this didn't happen in Canada.

Well, apparently she was cheeky again today. They again said she is now 100% comfortable with them, so she is now testing the boundaries, which is GREAT.

She is so excited when I pick her up it makes everyone happy, she almost jumps out of her skin! Then in the morning the first thing she asks me is "School?" (Auslan), and shakes her head. But when we get there she is happy to be there. 

Nissim got his school uniform today with Savta and Aba. How cute. He is swimming in it apparently, as is Tova in hers. The uniforms always look so massive on these little people. Two school children starting next week. Craaazy!

I hope Tova and I wake up in the morning fit, healthy and happy! please! please! Please!

No photos as I can't really go anywhere looking the way I do. I did take some photos of my eyes, but I can't bring myself to post them for public viewing - even though only 3  people read this! haha. mum, dad and me! kidding..