Day 8 - Future Footprints

So the tour of Australian Hospitals continues.

Tova had a very restless night filled with pred, ventolin, neurophen and a cool wet face washer to cool her down. Great... 

When we woke up she was hot and shivering.. Great...

I drugged her up some more and took her to the Children's hospital. I needed to talk to a paediatrician not some random GP. 

After confirming with a family that were getting into their car that they were leaving, I waited for their parking spot. They drove out and a car sped out of the car park next to me and took the spot.. It was unbelievable. I was shaking from shock. He totally knew, there is no way he couldn't, people in the park were shaking their heads. Security came out to see why I was beeping, I shouted at him to rot in hell and then I found a better spot! He was such a jerk "I was here first" he said.. hahahhaha, there was no car on the road but mine. It was a quite side street.. whatever. boring. 

So, we got to emergency spoke to someone right away, talked to a nurse right a way and then were whisked away by a doctor right away. And talked to by him right away! For ages! He had all the time in the world for us. It was outstanding! Brilliant. 

I know Tova looked reasonable. I know her fever had gone from the panadol, I know that her breathing was ok from the breathing drugs, I know I looked like a crazy person. They didn't' mind. I know they don't mind. My biggest hope was that they tell me to go home and not to worry. But he looked at every inch of Tova, even her skin to see if she had any rash, or insect bite.. or anything in the world. He looked in her ears 'A bit red'. He listened to her chest and did everything doctory. ... 

He then said that he wanted to look in her mouth. I said he was about to be very unpopular. So I told him to sing and she would be a little more willing. He sang Chim chim from Mary Poppins.. haha. So funny. So wonderful. Tova 'let him' look in her mouth. That was the AHAAA moment. He found it, he found what was wrong.. Her tonsils have puss (GROSS). I almost cried, actually I had one tear fall down my cheek, from relief of finding the cause. It can be treated now. I knew it was strange she had a fever, I knew it was strange that she wasn't eating. Such relief and such sad too. I feel so bad for her. I should have taken her there on Friday. Who cares if they think I am a crazy person. 

So today she has stayed home all day. Most of the morning was in the ER, the rest she went to bed with the ipad. Now TV to shake it up a bit. I would like her to eat something, but she doesn't want to. 

I have never been in a hospital that is just for kids. It was very nice, very kids... Monash isn't like that. 

It is so hot outside. It would be nice to be at the beach, but we are inside keeping cool. 

So much for getting work done. Tomorrow perhaps?

The boys arrive in two sleeps. They will get here and Tova will be 100% like nothing happened. Typical, be perfect for the daddy! :-) I am very excited about them coming here. We are going to have FUN! As if we were on a holiday (where I have to work to make up the days I just lost)!

Future Footprints is such good therapy for Tova, I hope Tova doesn't have to miss anymore days! It is such a shame. 


Day 7 - Future Footprints

Last night was horrible. 

Tova woke many times, spent the night breathing badly and crying from time to time as if she was in some terrible pain. 

It wasn't her ears. I don't know what it was, maybe her tummy from all the drugs I have been giving her - Panadol, Ventolin, Pred, Antibiotics. She hadn't really eaten very much during the day either. My poor little one. 

At something horrible like 4am (which thinking about it is really quite reasonable, it means I had about 3 solid hours sleep before she woke me, which means she probably did too), Tova woke me up by tapping me. Her breathing was horrendous, she was so hot I could barley touch her and she was gasping for air between croup coughs. Croup coughs sound like a seal barking and are quite scary. I had set up all the drugs before I went to bed so that they were all close and I knew where everything was. I hate searching around in the dark half asleep in a panic trying to find life saving tools.

So. I grabbed everything I needed, including my phone to call 000. But there was no time to call 000, yet. I had to give her some potential relief first. So I started with Ventolin, then pred, then panadol then a drink. The Ventolin actually worked, I have never noticed it work before. She calmed down heaps, which doesn't mean much considering how bad she got. But it was calmer. I would have liked to give her an oxygen mask just for half an hour. That is something I don't have. I wanted to wait for at least half an hour to see what the pred did before I called the ambos. She didn't get worse as I watched her second by second. 

Eventually the pred must have kicked in because she calmed down just a touch more. The panadol helped too I am sure. Her fever was horrible. It was all horrible. 

We fell asleep. I kept waking thinking I heard worse breathing. She was the same. 

We woke at something like 9.30am. 

She cried when she woke up. I was sure it was going to be a hospital day. But I touched her face and it wasn't on fire. Wowzers. 

She ate breakfast too, which was a good sign.

We pottered around for an hour or so and then went out for some fresh air. We drove to the beach touched the water sat on the steps leading down to the beach, drank iced coffee and ate avo + banana. She coped. I think the air was good for us. But it was getting very hot and I wanted to keep her cool, so we went to the shopping centre and bought some neurophen, walked around a bit and went home. She has kept the fever off today. Her cough is fair and she seems happier. Not as floppy as yesterday. 

I never know If I am doing the right thing. I hope I did the right thing last night. I really didn't want to go to the hospital. It is really hard to know what to do. I do know that if she had got worse or she hadn't calmed down at all I would have taken her for sure. 

If she is crappy again tonight I will take her. It is getting a bit silly now. 

I don't know what they can do for her though. They do what I do, but in a noisy, bright and yucky place. At least here is quiet, dark and 'home'. It is really hard. 

She didn't have much dinner, but it is hot and she in recovery (hopefully). I'm not worried about the eating. I love that I can say that! 

3 sleeps till the boys get here. I told them to wear bathers on the plane as we are going straight to the beach.. 

I hope Tova is well enough for her therapy tomorrow. PLEAASEE!

It is SO HOT in Adelaide. Tova on the stairs at the beach. Still sick so we only went for a moment.

Day 6 - Future Footprints

Tova is sick. Last night was hard. She was breathing badly and restless all night. I gave her Panadol at various stages. She slept in, but once she was up we went to the chemist spent a million dollars on Ventolin and went to the doctor. There was one next door to the chemist, so I went in. There was simply only the receptionist in the waiting area. Not one single person waiting, yet, she wouldn't let Tova see the doctor without an appointment, and I could only get one NEXT WEEK! ummmm. Nice work lady!

I seriously want to avoid going to hospital. We drove down the road to a medical centre, waited close to 2 hours and eventually spoke to a doctor. 

I'm not convinced about his approach, but Tova is sick in a different way to usual, so I don't know what to do.

She has a fever. I don't know her temp because I don't have a thermometer and neither did the doctor.. (wtf). 

But she is HOT! So hot to touch. She also keeps telling me she is cold and has goose bumps.. gawd. 

The doctor gave me antibiotics. So I will give her that because I am scared. I am also giving her ventolin because she doesn't' seem croupy (no stridor) but she possibly sounds wheezy. 

She has spent much of this afternoon in bed laying down with the ipad. She asked for a bath and then went to bed and fell asleep. There hasn't been much eating today. I think she ate a few bits of banana and almost half an avocado. So unusual for my massive eating T.

Katrina, husband and daughters visited today. It was really nice to meet the girls and hubby. They all seem lovely. I finally can see a small resemblance in one of the daughters to my other sister when she was at a similar age. 

It is quite exciting and bizarre to know them all now. I am happy about knowing them. 

I hope Tova gets better quickly. 

I hope we don’t have to go to hospital. 

I wonder how she got sick. I feel crappy for not protecting her from getting sick. We were supposed to be at the beach having too much fun today. I was going to upload heaps of summer images of us playing in the water and building sandcastles and on the ferris wheel. 

This is not how I imagined our first beautiful weekend of summer at all! 

Poor Tova, she is really sick, really hot and really flat. She is totally lethargic.  

Day 5 - Future Footprints

The night was a bit tough. But Tova made it with no hospital nor pred. I possibly could have given her pred during the night, but she was sleeping through her noisy breathing. I didn't want to wake her.

In the morning I watched her for a while and it was obvious that she needed Pred. I gave her some.

She went as white as a ghost (it always does that to her), and her breathing improved.

We went to the shoe shop that sells Piedro Shoes and got Tova some Sandals. I wanted black, they only had pink.. so I got her pink.

We had lunch on Melbourne Street, which is a very beautiful street. The cafe pureed Tova's eggs on toast with no questions asked. Tova was still breathing a little bit silly and not quite herself. 

We spent the rest of the day doing not much.

Buying Tova new piedro shoe$


Our feet. Tova new shoes 

Day 4 - Future Footprints

It is starting to feel like summer! 

There are pigeons outside our room that have just had babies, which is very cute. The babies are mostly quite all day but then they get hungry and ask their parents for food. And then, wow when the parents do come home with food - the babies let the world know how excited they are. 

This morning Tova woke up with slightly noisy breathing, but nothing that really worried me. It of course made me hope to heck that it does’t turn into anything worse. 

I took her to Future Footprints, she was happy to show me all the things she likes to play with, but VERY unhappy when I said I had to go. She cried and broke my heart into a billion pieces. 

I was assured that for the rest of the day she is not sad like that. 

The people that work there, and run that place are lovely. Lovely like the Graz team - genuine. I felt better for hearing that she doesn’t cry all day (which of course I know, but it is nice to hear). 

I went and got us some supplies for the weekend as who knows what shops are actually open in this big little town. 

When I picked Tova up she was walking using canes (and a human helping her). They put weights on the canes to help stabilise them. Good idea. 

While waiting for Tova to come out of the class room I was chatting to some other parents. Some of their stories are just so unbelievable. The horrible things these kiddies have had to go through already in life, just to be alive is amazing. 

Tova was over the moon to see me. Nice!

I was listening to her breathing in the car and when we got home. Not perfect. Not great. 

As I have no idea where I am or where anything is I rang the ‘home visiting doctor’. They came out here a few hours later and gave me a bottle of Pred! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have to schlep Tova out and try and find a late night chemist. I had to fight back tears. Thank you Dr Hans. 

So now I have that if Tova needs it. I hope not. 

If Tova does need it hopefully it will be enough to avoid going to hospital and having Adrenaline or anything worse!

I’m pretty over this. It would be nice to just relax each night and not have to worry all night about calling 000 and everything that goes with that. 

Here is hoping for a VERY boring night and another day of therapy tomorrow, followed by a weekend at the beach with my lovely Tova. 

Tova is ready for the weekend. She likes her days of therapy, but keeps asking for TV and a bit of a break! Fair enough.

I have noticed a few changes in Tova. Little things that are huge for us! For example: This morning I was getting ready, so I had the TV on for Tova on ABC for Kids. Giggle and Hoot asked the kids watching to roar like some character they were talking about or to.. and Tova did! It was great!

Driving home today Tova noticed an unusual building and pointed at it asking me to tell her what it was and talk about it. Also very cool!

The bed shuffling is also very interesting as she takes baby with her. 

These little behaviours are new and great!

The physical side. Well she refuses to let me pick her up. She wants to walk EVERYWHERE!

We miss our boys! 6 more days and they will be here!

I did the body attack in my room today. It was fun! I warned the hotel manager that I would be jumping around and if the people in the room below me had a problem to let me know. She laughed. 

This hotel is OLD, so the floors and walls are double brick and built well, I don't think anyone heard anything. It is a great room.