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3rd January 2010

Ahh, the first day of feeling normal.
As many of you know, I am a seasoned international traveler and have never suffered jet lag, until now!
Wow that was hard work. I am happy to say that Tova and I have caught up to the boys and we are all on the same clock.
Yuval, you have been amazing holding us all together for the past few days, thank you!

We did allot of walking again today, which feels good. The kiddies were good in the pram for such a long time.

We found the shull, it was closed. Perhaps we will go there another time during the week. Maybe we will get invited to shabbat lunch somewhere!? The shull is fairly new, from what I understand it has been rebuilt on its original location after being destroyed when the Jews were banished from Graz many years ago. All the buildings around it are old and it is on the banks of the river that runs through Graz.

Just up from the synagogue is a building that looks like a slug, we had lunch there. Yuval was in heaven because there was a buffet. Nissim crawled around the floor, cut his hand on some broken glass (didn't cry) and ate half of Yuval's lunch. Tova cried and fell asleep in the pram.  The restaurant was filled with kids and smokers, a very strange combination after living in a country where you could be in trouble with the law for such things. We sat in the non smoking section.

Because Tova had fallen asleep we were able to go to the tunnels leading to the elevator that takes people up to the top of a mountain plonked right in the centre of the city. Tova has a big issue with dark underground places (I never park in the underground carpark anywhere). So we did that, had a walk around up the top and saw how grand Graz really is and  then went home.

We just met the NZ couple who arrived last night with their 11month old little boy who is also here to learn how to eat. They are staying up stairs, they are smart and brought the nanna with them. I wish my mum was here!

Tomorrow it begins!



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