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2nd January 2010

Tova and I are feeling almost normal today. I think tonight will be the first full nights sleep for us all.

Yuval and Nissim haven't really had any problems adjusting.
We said goodbye to the NZ family who are on their way home via a well-deserved family holiday.

We went for a long walk today from the hotel to the edge of the town and back, via the supermarket. There is an amazing supermarket called 'biomart', it is everything like a supermarket but is in actual fact a massive health food store! We got a few things but it is a bit out of our league (price wise).

Yuval has been inventing his own language and calling it German, people seem to understand him or perhaps they are tolerating him, whatever it is, it is funny!
My very tiny amount of German (from school days) is helping a little. I understand allot more than I can speak, knowing how to count is extremely helpful. Anyway, everyone speaks English.

Our walk to the shops is mostly down hill but on the way home we have a massive walk up the drive way/street that has been very interesting with the double pram and shopping. Yuval and I were going to get gym memberships while we were here for the month, but have now discovered that we won't need to.

There is a NZ family arriving tonight with their baby for the weaning program, they are staying in this hotel too. I am not sure how many other families are going to be in our group but I am looking forward to Monday and finding out.

No snow yet, no rain and not that cold. Yesterday was actually pleasant with a bit of sunshine and no wind. Tassi gets colder, perhaps because Tassi has freezing wind?


3rd January 2010
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