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First Days of Jet Lag

First impressions are that it is a beautiful city. 

There is so much history here. Yuval and I are very interested in going to the Shull and meeting some of the Graz Jews.

The guest house we are staying in is old, huge and so very cluttered. We keep finding collections of a families history, hidden rooms in the basement and attics and wondering if this is where they may have possibly hidden Jews during the war. Probably not.

The guest house is an old farm house. Our room is a self contained apartment with two bed rooms, a bathroom, reasonable sized kitchen and a meals area. There is plenty of room for the 4 of us.

A little old lady lives here, as far as I understand this was her farm and she lives here as the caretaker, there is a main hotel up the road a bit and can be walked to by following a path for about 5 minutes through the forest at the back of the property. The ladies name is Greta and she only speaks German. She lives in the front part of the house which is across the hall from our room.
The house is absolutely filled with various odds and ends. Every wall has at least one painting (most have 3 or 4), old Renaissance style, sketches, crusifixes and tapestries. There is an old iron collection, horse shoes, old pots and pans (some cake dishes made of ceramic), lamps, wine and ornaments from around the world all displayed on cloth covered tables all over the massive 3 story house. Our room alone has about 15 lamps and lights (they mostly match).

Outside there is an old barn and run down farm house that seems to be a home for many pigeons. There are ducks, peacocks, deer (one with big antlers), llamas, goats, donkeys, and a cat. Yuval and Nissim have been feeding them a few times. Gretta told me that the black Lama's name is Felix. She seems to love her animals allot which is nice.

There was an Australian family staying in our room before us. They were also here for tube weaning and were successful. Apparently they have been on the news in Australia - 'Ruby Taylor' from Coffs Harbour (yep Kellie, that is the one you mentioned to us the other day). The family raised over $68k for Ruby!! Well done!!! We didn't meet them as they left a few days before we arrived, but we met a New Zealand family who were also here weaning their daughter off the tube (also successful). Again another fund raising family and very inspiring.
The NZ family showed us the walk to the hospital and where we have to go for therapy. They also told us bus and tram numbers, but most importantly where to get the internet!!! They left today (2nd Jan 2010).
Yuval and I had actually watched a NZ 20/20 news story on the net a few months ago about this family, so it was really interesting to meet them in person.

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