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Graz Day 26

We are ordinary people, walking around the town, eating, drinking, looking at sights! Well, mostly ordinary, we still have to feed Tova from a syringe, but at least it goes into her mouth not a tube connected to her belly!

Tova is weaned. That actually means that Tova eats to survive, with her mouth, food! Not milk and not via PEG. I am still trying to get my head around it.

It was a bit sad today, saying goodbye to the people that have helped change our lives forever. Especially Eva, what a remarkable person. We owe so much of Tova's success to her. Thank you Eva.
The entire team are incredible. Special people doing something that is so dramatically life changing for others. Thank god for people like them.

Nissim went out with a bang at play picnic today. All I have to say about it is, look at the photos.

Tomorrow we are going to see Prof. Marguerite at midday. There is apparently a play picnic, not sure that I want the kids to participate as I have packed their clothes.
Oh how I hate packing! At least it is 'going home packing', which is much easier than the 'going away packing'.

After the hospital today we went on the 7 to the end of the line, to find a mythical shopping center. On the way back we stopped off in town and had a walk around. Again, I bought something in addition to buying food. woohoo.. I now have 3 things from Graz (and a new body shape).

Well, what a journey. All the way across the world. It is nice to think that in a few days we will all be in our own space in our own beds and OMG, I will have someone other than Yuval to talk to. You know I love you lullie, but OMG, hehe...
We have been joking about spending some quality time together when we get back.. It is all in good fun.

I am not sure what I will do with this website now. Um, watch this space?
I guess I will have some going home photos and stories to add. People in Graz might want to be updated from time to time about how Tova is going. So I might keep it going. Unsure.

I will write once we are home.

Thank you EVERYONE for your support. We honestly couldn't have done it with out you.

See you in Australia.

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