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Weaned Day 25

It really isn't weaning anymore.

Tova doesn't use the PEG for anything and we feel very confident about it all.
Drinking is getting easier and she eats like a true Sibony (almost).

All Yuval and I are thinking and talking about is HOME.
The news said to expect delays because of the snow, as long as we are in a big airport with the lounge, we will be happy. Especially Yuval, if there is free food there is a delighted Yuvie!

Yuval is feeding T next to me in bed! She looks incredible moving her little lips and I can hear her swallowing. Beautiful (90mills of carrot puree eaten!).
This has been and still is one of the most remarkable journeys of my life. I am completely blown away about this program. There must be a way we can help establish this in Australia. I wish I had studied medicine at uni, I would run the clinic myself!

This morning Nissim and Yuvie went to breakfast at the main house. Tova slept in, so I stayed with her. They boys had fun and apparently fell over in the snow (no one hurt).

We had OT and Play picnic today. Both were good. Oh, I forgot to weigh Nizo. Perhaps tomorrow if I remember.

Two more sleeps! WOW!


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