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Weaning Day 10

This place is incredible. The entire place looks like magic fairy land, with white lab coated foreign speaking people that cast spells on children whom are PEG fed.
Lucy is one of the three older kiddies that simply refused to eat. Lucy wouldn't even touch food, until today. Today this amazing little girl ate 8 spoons of baby food! She has some very proud family today, my eyes filled with tears when they told me.

Tova hasn't had any PEG feeds since Sunday night. She is getting better eating with a spoon, today she ate a good sized portion of mash and gravy in the play picnic (yep Beck, we have LOTS of washing each day).

Her weight today was 10g more than yesterday.

The doctors cooked pancakes for the parents today, Nissim thought he was a parent. He had about 10, no kidding! People have been pointing at his tummy, because it is MASSIVE, he is such a little clown.
He has been falling over allot the past few days, today he even managed to fall off nothing and hurt himself, not sure what happened, but he just kinda plonked on the floor. Poor little man.

Tova had a bit of a hard night last night and woke a few times. We aren't used to that, so we are all very tired today.
She is allowed to eat 24/7, meaning, if she is hungry at 2am, someone has to get up and feed her.. Maybe the PEG wasn't so bad.. hehe, only kidding of course. Eventually she will eat enough so that she sleeps through the night (perhaps tonight).

We only have play picnic tomorrow, so we will go to the main hotel for breakfast, that is always fun and chaotic. It is nice to have to walk for breakfast and then home again after eating too much.
It is all about food!!!

Tova eats!

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