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Weaning Day 11

Day 11 already, that went fast.
Breakfast in the main hotel was fun. Between us we ate 7 eggs. The staff always look at us a bit funny when we order so many. There isn't really much else to eat, there is usually a small buffet which has some fruit (the standard of the fruit isn't what we are used to in Oz), cake, cheese, yogurt and ham; so eggs it is.

On the walk back through the woods Nissim fell asleep in Yuvals arms (no pram access along the track in the forest) and remained asleep when he was put in his cot. So Tova and I went to play picnic alone. It was fun to walk to the hospital and back alone, the hill was a bit hard, but not too bad as there was only one baby in the pram.

Play picnic was good, Tova ate a little with the spoon and lots via syringe (close to a jar of baby food). She also had a good go of the sippy cup with water.

Tova has become more demanding (and loud) and has made quite a few changes since eating (developmentally), Hannes (one of the specialists) said that she has to discover making her own fun. We have spent so much time and effort doing so much for her because she has needed it, that our next challenge is to help her help herself.

All the other children are making progress. I think one already has his PEG out. We look forward to that day and hope it comes very soon! It all still seems so unbelievable.

When Tova and I got home Nissim had only just woken up, giving Yuval a nice break while we were gone. I don't remember ever spending so much time with another adult in my life. Yuval and I have been together 24 / 7 for over 2 weeks or is it 3? It has been good, we are a good team. However, it is always nice to have some personal space.

Today I asked about how the weaning program started. Apparently it was Marguerite who started it because of a child in the hospital (about 20 years ago) who wasn't eating and therefore tube fed, she weaned the child and that was the start... That simple. The hospital realised the need for it. The rest of the world will follow for sure! Eventually!

Tomorrow we have more therapy and play picnic, we might cancel speech again tomorrow (we canceled today) because we have been so spoiled at home with our speech therapist Mary, no one else can compare.

There hasn't been any new snow, but the old snow doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It is still freezing out there and very hot inside.

No photos of play picnic today, I didn't feel like it. There are photos of the kitty cat that lives here, he has become my new mate (even slept on my bed, and rolled in the snow for me) as I miss my cat lots, and Zev even a little bit. I hope they are coping with the heat in Melbourne.

Nissim needs to stop falling off everything before I kill him. He is the clumsiest boy in the world, I can't believe he doesn't have a brain injury from all the head crashes.

We are all pretty happy as Tova is doing so well. Our second week seems easier than our first week, I hope it stays that way.
Tova lost about 10grams since yesterday, I'm not worried, I think it is just because she ate earlier than usual before the weighing.

Tova is eating so well. What a brilliant girl!

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