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Weaning Day 12

The simple fact is that Tova eats food only with her mouth. She has NOTHING via PEG!!! Is this a dream? Miss T is maintaining her weight (even if it is a low weight), she was something like 8.10 today, Nissim is quite possibly 9 point something. Yuval and I are probably 9 point something more kilos than when we left Melbourne, I had to get Yuval to help me do up my jeans this morning.. hehe.. Fat!

Tova eats and drinks with her mouth, like the rest of us! I know I just said that, but holy cow, I might just be saying it over and over again for the next ages to come! If we had stayed in Aus it would have taken years and years for her to eat. My brain doesn't understand and I have no words for my lack of comprehension how the rest of the world don't have eating clinics. Seriously it isn't complicated. Come on Australia, you are renovating the RCH, why not include a weaning clinic?

So our second week hasn't been harder than our first (thank god). There are families that are having it very hard this week. I feel so much of their pain and admire their strength. I haven't seen anyone cry in public (I have been close on a daily basis).

We had lots of therapy today, PT (with our to-be-kidnap-victum Eva), Speech (quite good today), not OT (she is sick) and play picnic.
In play picnic today, I sat back and watched. I was sitting with the Irish mumma, Orla, mum of Lucy, they are having a tough week and Orla is amazingly strong (at least in front of me). Yuval was being magic with Tova as usual and she ate heaps.
Nissim made his record amount of mess, he went to every single bowl and plate and experimented with spilling, tasting and touching. He trashed the place!

We are going to play picnic again tomorrow (sat), recommended by the doctors as Marguerite wasn't there today and would like to talk to us tomorrow. Perhaps she will talk to us about removing the PEG? We can only hope.

One little boy left today as he is eating perfectly. I think he is a local (from Europe at least).

Next week is our last week.
We are starting to miss home.
The only thing we have bought so far is food, so anyone expecting presents, sorry, all we have to show for this trip are our new larger sizes and an eating Tova.

We will probably come home with a Tova eating from the syringe and take some time to transition to only using a spoon to eat. That is ok, the goal of eating has been met! Tova eats!!!

We are going for breakfast with the NZ family tomorrow morning. It is even more fun with them and even more eggs ordered!!

Home in just over a week I suspect. Ahh, no more hotel cleaners doing most of my house work!

Tova eats!


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