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Weaning Day 13

Not the easiest day.

All the babies stayed up way past their bed times last night, which was annoying as we all love our time out around here. Tova woke up tired this morning and wouldn't snap out of it. So after play picnic she had a blood test, didn't cry at all (I sang to her). The blood tests came back all normal to my relief.

Yuval also woke up feeling tired and also couldn't snap out of it. He and Tova are both having a shluff now we are home (it is about 3pm). Nissim and I are eating everything.

Breakfast wasn't it's normal fun self. The grumpy waitress was on duty today and when we asked for 4 orange juices (there were 5 adults, so not really a big ask), she only brought us 1, when we asked the owner who speaks English to ask the waitress in German for 4, again she only brought us another 1. The same thing with the eggs, and the few that she did bring were still raw.. hmm.. I ended up not having breakfast; not really a problem as I haven't stopped eating the entire time we have been away.

Play picnic was uneventful, Tova had no energy, Nissim was asleep in the pram and I was worried something was wrong. Tova ate, but not as much as normal (we all have those days apparently). Anyway, her blood test shows that she is a normal healthy little girl.

It was nice being reassured by Marguerite that everything was ok.

We got a taxi from the hospital to home as Yuval was feeling like all his energy had been sucked out of his body (Marguerite said 'it is just Shabbas', perhaps she is right).

We possibly won't have the PEG taken out here in Austria, not because Tova isn't a superstar, just because it is a long flight home with allot of time adjustments once home too. No big deal, it will come out sometime in the near future.

Tova had a big sleep this afternoon, I am hoping that doesn't mean a very late night as I am ready for bed now at 7pm, Yuval is already asleep. I have a feeling this is going to be a long night. Even Baby Einstein doesn't work these days with our new Tova.

Nissim is a good boy and fast asleep.


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