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Weaning Day 14

Sunday in Graz means boredom, at least that is what it means during the winter with no car and two babies.
Not sure what is up with little T but she is tired again today. She spent the night in bed with us pushing me around as she likes to sleep sideways. Maybe she is tired from bugging me all night.

During the night Yuval gave her some magic water via her PEG, first PEG use in a week. She settled after that, but woke up this morning sad. I just gave her some laxative via PEG (while she is sleeping), maybe that is her problem.. We wait and see.

I am pretty ready to come home. The snow, once beautiful and exciting, has now become cold and restrictive. It is hard to do anything because it is so cold out side and difficult to take the pram through the snow. Would be nice to have a babysitter so Yuval and I could go do something fun.
I know we aren't here for fun, but it helps one to stay positive.

It isn't all bad, we are warm and up here at the guest house the falling snow looks pretty.
We fed the animals this afternoon, Nissim and Tova like watching that. The deer thingy got upset with a goat and they hit horns, it made a great clanking sound (like two ninja poles).
Yuval tried to 'ski', fell over and became freezing, that was the end of that.

Both babies are asleep now at 6pm, I must be dreaming.

I hope Tova is back to normal tomorrow. We worry when she is so flat, it is almost as if she is depressed. She has eaten a good amount of food today, which is a relief, she is so clever. I discovered that she LOVES pureed peach with passion fruit, she ate about 100grams of it. I love watching her eat, the little mouth looks so cute with food in it and the little lips smaking together. Yum, I could eat HER!!

I am happy it is the end of the day. Looking forward to tomorrow and all that it will bring.


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