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Weaning Day 15

Little Tova is sick and has a temperature. No wonder she has been so flat all weekend.
We also asked the nurse to give T a suppository, it worked, but Yuval and I suspect there is more in there. She is now on Panadol and laxatives. I want her to be well and feeling fantastic. My heart breaks when I see her suffer!

She is sleeping now. All she wants to do is sleep. Last night she slept for 13 hours.
Hopefully sleep will fix everything.

We went to physio this morning, we had another lady (not Eva), who is equally as lovely. Tova fell asleep in Physio while they did some cranial therapy.
We missed Music therapy.
In OT the therapist put T in the swing but Tova just couldn't get into it, she ate and fell asleep.
We canceled Speech and went and had her temperature taken, that is when we found out she was sick (not just adjusting to eating).
So home we went. No play picnic today, well Nissim went in for about 10 mins before we went home.

We are giving Tova magic water in her PEG as instructed by the doctors. The doctors aren't worried.

This evening Tova isn't interested in food. But she isn't as hot as earlier. The laxative has worked. I really hope that tomorrow she is perfect!

Einstein is on, she is almost enjoying watching it.

The sun is shining today. The snow is sparkling and looks pretty.

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