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Weaning Day 17

I woke up this morning feeling heavy and drained, however this is a billion times improvement to how I felt all of yesterday. I felt grateful for the relief.

Tova is still feeling sick and today is covered in spots, not chickenpox looking spots, more like an allergy rash. We took her to the doctor, who agreed the spots aren’t anything to worry about.
Tova had another blood test day. She is normal according to her blood.

She isn’t normal according to Yuval and me. Today is her 3rd day of not eating much and 5th day of being sick.
All Tova does is sleep and be floppy, it is scary and upsetting.

We gave her milk via the PEG today as she has only had about 50 mills of food over the last two days. Hopefully the PEG milk will give her the energy to fight the bug she has.

The doctors have asked us to stay for an extra week, so there will be a week 4 for us. I have to change the plane ticket. It is hard because I am missing home so much, but of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. This is the best place for Tova to be! We are lucky.

I weighed Tova today, she is now 7.83kg. Perhaps that is because of all the work the laxative did the other day (and that she isn't eating).

Nissim is great, though he is teething with 4 teeth at once, last night he woke about 5 times. Tova also woke many times. Yuval and I are tired.

CNN has finally come back, giving us one TV channel in English.

Seriah the princess I wrote about last week seems to have vanished, not sure if she was eating.

Lucy, the Irish girl still isn't eating, she has however started drinking a fraction of chocolate milk. My heart breaks when I see her and I find it hard not to cry. She looks so sweet and innocent and thin. It will be worth it though, she will eat and no one will ever look back!

The NZ family are going home on Sat morning (the day after his first birthday), with an eating baby.

There are three new families in the group. I haven't been in the picnic the last few days to know much about them. One family are Brittish/Bulgarian and their child doesn't have a tube, but the doctors at home are saying that is the next step, not if Graz has anything to do with it! Incredibly the mumma found out about the website
last Sunday and started Graz weaning program on Monday.

Mum, we are missing you and all your help.
Playzone girls, we miss you!

I hope, as I do every night, that tomorrow will give us back our normal Tova! PLEASE!
She did manage to eat a meal tonight, about 60mils all together perhaps. So, that is a great sign.

Thanks for all the well wishes too. As I keep saying, we are pretty lonely here, so all emails and messages are very helpful and appreciated!

No photos again, as all I have been doing is worrying.

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