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Weaning Day 19

Well thank God! Tova seems to be feeling much better today. No blood test because it is obvious that she is improving. Spots are going and Tova seems to be coming back to us!

Thank God!

Tova has spent the last 7 days sleeping! The next 7 days she is going to have to work hard as most of the other families have gone home now, freeing up the physio and OT; look out Tova, therapy twice a day!!!! That is what you get for taking a week off!

For me it has been a week of worry and sickness. My mind went to stupid places and I was feeling quite down.
Yuval and I both get down when T is down, and up when she is up.
We are all feeling up today!!!

We rushed to the hospital this morning for our 9.15am appointment with Eva (and even made it almost on time) to show off our almost normal Tova. Eva was impressed too!!

We even went to Play Picnic today. Tova LOVED it, I put her on the floor she smiled from ear to ear.

Of course Nissim enjoyed himself, first thing he did was polish off a plate of cake (4 pieces). I am so proud of his strength and his happiness. What a little champ! He is such a delight. We are enjoying him so much.

The NZ baby had his PEG out today! Wow, well done Ollie and happy birthday!

Next week it is just us and Lucy from the original group, not sure of other families there full time.

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