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Weaning Day 2

Jan 5th 2010

Nissim had chips, chocolate and cake for lunch today! All I could do was watch and shake my head. The doctors say that 3 weeks of this won't hurt him one bit. I recon we are all going to go home quite a few kilos heavier!

Day 2 of weaning. Tova skipped breakfast and lunch tube feeds today. She didn't seem to mind too much. She signed for food and drink a few times and was promptly presented with cups of water and spoons of puree fruit! She licked and tasted everything.

10am we had OT, Tova loved it, she played with some beads in a tin and a toy she could drop wooden balls into and watch them roll down little ramps to the bottom.

11am she had Physio. The physio did some craniosacral therapy with Toki and we talked about needing more kinesiology to help bring Tova's spirit into her body. She also mentioned some therapy for families of Holocaust victims, I am going to have to look into that. Something about there being unfinished business and unhealed scars. We will try anything, as long as it doesn't hurt!
The physio also had some ideas that go against everything we have been told by our Australian therapists, we will try the new methods for the time we are here and see how it goes. She wasn't saying the Aussi way doesn't have its place, just that we should try this other way for a bit. It can't hurt.

12 was the play picnic. Again the Sibony babies made the most mess. Nissim was showing everyone how to eat (he can stuff an entire piece of cake in his mouth in one go). I don't think he will be very impressed when the other kiddies start to eat 'his' food!
I noticed changes in the other kiddies already today. The princess from yesterday who couldn't deal with having a spot of food on her hand, today asked for a chocolate to eat! She has never eaten anything in her life (she must be about 4). Another child that wasn't interested yesterday, today was playing with some chips and laughing at the packet. It is just crazy to see such a massive change in ONE DAY!

Tova! This baby is amazing! Yuval spent a lot of time playing with Tova and food at the picnic. She was opening her mouth, letting the food go in, holding the spoon, taking the spoon to the bowl and her mouth, trying to feed Yuval and very much enjoying herself! I am not sure if she actually ate anything, but that isn't the goal at this stage. The goal is for her to experience everything about food, texture, flavor, temprature, smell etc.

LOGO (speech) at 1pm and swimming at 2pm. Tova hates the swimming pool!! We gave it a go anyway, she hated it! Nissim loved it and tried to drink the pool dry! I dried my poor exausted Tova and put her in her pram. I think she was asleep before her head hit the 'pillow'. Nissim on the other hand was so hypo, he kept crawling away from me laughing up the corridor! Such a cute little man!

We fed Toki at 4 when we were back at the hotel. It was quite a relief to feed her water and know how much actually went in (the only good thing about PEG feeding).

Everything is about food, thank goodness for the walk to and from the hospital. I got so hot walking up the hill today that I was only wearing a T-shirt in -3c... crazy.
There was light snow today and the river was frozen along the edges. Maybe it will snow for real tomorrow! Yuval has never seen snow!!!

It is a public holiday here tomorrow, so no therapy, only play picnic.
Everything is closed in Graz on public holidays and Sundays, the only thing to do is wander around the forest and hills and EAT! So we are going out for breakfast with the NZ family (we have to walk through the forest up some hills to get there).

Tova is still in good spirits and seems to be enjoying food to the max! Yuval is feeling less stressed because of how amazing Tova was with food today. I am feeling great, but very tired as I keep waking up at bloody 4.30am for some stupid reason.

Not sure how much sense I have made today, I have written alot of this with my eyes closed as I can touch type... my brain isn't working well from tiredness. . . .  .

I am loving the warm messages from lovely friends on facebook and in email, thank you! Sorry if I am a bit slack in replying, but please know, I do read them and love reading them.



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