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Weaning Day 20

Tova is back to her new normal self. Grumpy, frustrated, demanding and happy! She has even been eating with some persuasion. Yuval and I are so relieved!

Nissim, who had stopped falling so much this past week, made up for it today. It is horrible to see him fall on his head so much, a helmet is the next option.

The weekend in Graz with a healthy Tova and an as always happy Nissim! What to do with ourselves? Everything in the universe (universe of Austria) is closed on Sunday, so anything we want to do that involves consuming has to be done today, Saturday.

I thought that finally I would get a chance to do some retail therapy! I went to have a warm shower (never any hot water here) but alas there was only freezing water. I called the main hotel who after much fussing around I ended up hanging up on (perhaps I am a bit fragile after such a crap week?) - I just wanted a shower! Eventually Yuval convinced me to get dressed with out a shower (I hate that feeling)..

The mall was ok, it was nice to see something different even if we didn't buy anything (other than food). The kiddies were so well behaved, I wish they were like that when I went to Chaddy (in Melbourne).

NZ start their journey home today. They left us heaps of food and odd n ends that they didn't want to take back. I suppose that we will be leaving an array of things at the end of the week too. It would be great if new weaning families moved in before we leave, so we can donate our 'extra' stuff.
We are going to have lots of extra room in our bags now that we don't have to cart around all Tova's PEG milk!

I am so excited about things being good again.
Tova has been loving what my friend Bec (hi Bec) calls 'magic pudding'! Chocolate is the key! And fruit, Tova loves fruit..

Perhaps we shall do the old 'walk thru the woods for breakfast' thing tomorrow morning. I am thinking that they might not be so happy to see me after I was rude to them today. Oops. Sorry my Yuvie, maybe I killed breakfast?

A big thank you to all the supportive emails while we have been sick and scared!

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