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Weaning Day 21

Wonderfully there isn't much to report today.

We went to breakfast this morning at the main hotel. Ordering was as hard as ever, they were as rude as ever and the walk through the woods was as magical as ever. They could have sworn I ordered bacon in my omelet! hmmm (I even apologised for being rude yesterday).

Nissim ate so much food this morning even we were amazed.

Orla, Ben and Lucy came to visit and feed the animals this arvo. Lucy is having a hard time with eating. Not sure what they are going to do. I am glad we are here for them and that they are here for us.

Tova isn't eating much, but she is eating. I have been giving her some water in her PEG about twice a day at the moment as she has been so sick and she drinks so little. Other than water she doesn't 'eat' with her PEG at all.
She is thin, even her anklet is falling off and her size 1 trakies are so big that when she stands up they fall off. HOWEVER, she is happy, energetic and in good spirits.

Feeding Tova takes up our entire day at the moment (still with a syringe not spoon). We feed her anything from hourly to every three hours at the most. I know it is going to be very hard to keep that up at home when Yuval returns to work, but I would much rather be doing that than tube feeding my princess every 4 hours with no end in sight (please remind me that I said that when I am going crazy at home).

Yuval and I are counting down the days till home. We will be back this time next week and we are so very much looking forward to it. There is so much we love about home, lovely water, sunshine, friends, family, our house, gym, and so much more.


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