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Weaning Day 22

I am still feeling a bit traumatised by last week, but things are definitely improving.
Everyone slept in this morning after a late night last night. We got ready and walked through the falling snow to the hospital.

First was OT, she is brilliant. Tova loved it (so did Nizo), next was Physio (Eva), always good.

Before play picnic each day we weigh Tova, today she weighed 7.99kg. She gained more than 100grams over the weekend just by eating with her mouth!
This is such fantastic and encouraging news. If only she would drink water as well as she eats food! She will!

There are four babies in play picnic now. Lucy, Tova, and two other babies that started last week. It is a nice group.
Nissim sits in the middle of the floor now and entertains everyone.
He also grabs and eats food from babies that aren't interested in eating (ALL OF THEM!) and tries to feed the parents and specialists! Good fun to watch.
One parent that had been away for the week said that Nissim has 'filled out' hehe,, FAT! We all have 'filled out'. I guess that is what happens when you go to a freezing country to an eating school!

I love having Tova back. She is happy and playful and very excited about food.
She ate about 500grams of food today, 100g from a spoon!
Yuval was in the kitchen with Tova in the highchair (I don't go where she can see me or she gets upset) doing their normal play with the spoon and food. After they had been in there for a while Yuval came out with an empty container saying 'guess who just ate all of this?' UNBELIEVABLE!

We are all happy again.
Missing home but happy!

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