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Weaning Day 23

While you have all been sleeping in Australia this is what we have been doing in Austria.

Tova had a small breakfast, we think she has a slight cold, so fair enough.

We walked to the bus in the 'pouring' snow (it hurts when it gets in my eyes). Physio was at 10am. Both Tova and Nissim enjoyed that.

Play picnic at 12. Nissim was in fine form, jokes were made by specialists about what he must weigh now.. We should have weighed him at the beginning - how could have we known.

There has been some talk of removing Tova's PEG on Thursday, but no one, not us nor the doctors can make that decision until Thursday. My ONLY concern is the amount of water she drinks. I have to have a chat with them about that. Gosh, I can only imagine seeing Tova without something 'medical' about her.

After the hospital we went into town, it is so freezing these days, even my super jacket isn't keeping me warm. We, as usual didn't buy anything (other than food). There really isn't anything here we can't get at home, and for the same price. It was fun to walk around and look at the beautiful old buildings covered in snow.

Tova has had a pretty good eating day, and again ate a fair amount from the spoon with Yuval.

Nissim has a new trick in the bath where he tries to doggy paddle, we have to take him swimming when we get home. There was swimming at the hospital today, but Tova hates it so we didn't go.

That is pretty much it! The guest house is big and empty, just us, the old lady and her cat.

Home in a matter of days and a thirty something hour journey!

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