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Weaning Day 24

Nissim has a massive black eye. We think it is from falling off the bed the other day. It looks so horrible, poor baby! It isn't bothering him, nor are the four new teeth trying to all grow at once.

Tova had OT first this morning, everyone had fun. The OT has a big 'bath' of lentils (raw) that Tova sat in and Nissim put his hand in. Lots of fun!

Physio was good as usual, Nissim played and talked and walked around while Tova had cranio. Eva agrees that by looking at Nissim for more than a few moments you lose a year off your life (he crashes lots).

In play picnic Tova started by eating her daily Nutella packet from my finger, YUM.
The doctors came in and asked about having Tova's PEG removed, but after talking to Yuval and the Irish family, I think we will leave it in till we get home.
There really isn't any reason to leave it in nor any reason to take it out. May as well leave it in and not worry about it for the journey home, It is VERY easy to take out, we will do it ourselves once we are over jet lag, perhaps...
Who knows how we will feel in the next few days.

Tova is eating good amounts now. She is hovering around the 8kg mark - SKINNY. Hopefully when we get home we can fatten her up by adding cream and oil to her food. I am now also adding water to everything she eats and not putting any in the tube.
We spoke to the dietitian today, she had a few tips which is helpful.

There were more comments today about weighing Nissim. hmm.. Poor fat little dude. If I remember I will weigh him tomorrow. I think he was just under 9kg when we left Melbs. I have to check his records when we get home.

We jumped on the number 7 tram to the town again today. Just for something to do as both babies had fallen asleep in the pram. I actually brought something today, a dangley thing to hang on the window, and food!
The sun was shining today which was nice. A beautiful blue sky!
It is still freezing.
I think this morning was the coldest morning of our stay so far. The river next to the hospital that usually, remarkably remains running, was today almost completely frozen over.
According to CNN (our only English TV channel) there is more snow and cold to come.

Lucy (Irish) has started to eat! It is completely wonderful to see her eat, she still puts up a bit of a fight, but I think it is just from habit. She always looks so proud once she has actually eaten her yoghurt! Well done Lucy! They are going home at the end of the week too.

Home is so soon! We are very excited to be going home!


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