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Weaning Day 4

It feels like we have been here for all eternity. It is cold, dark, slushy and wet. Yesterday the snow was beautiful on the roads, today it just looked dirty and got in my way. I don't mind it on the trees and in gardens, it looks beautiful there, but it was annoying to have to try push the pram and walk through it.

My soul is having a bit of a headache today. I knew that starving my child would be hard, I mean I knew those words, and I had said those words many times in preparation for this process. But now I feel them.

Tova has eaten tiny amounts of food and little sips of water today, but we can see her energy levels going down. She still has smiles for us, but she isn't the same. She hasn't lost too much weight, about 200 grams. Nissim is heavier than her now.

Yuval has had a very hard day today.

I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and the specialists are very happy with Tova. They say she will eat. She is ready!

Tova isn't getting any PEG feeds tonight. Her last PEG feed was last night at 8pm. Tonight after she goes to sleep she is allowed to have up to 200 mills of water with sugar in it. That is it!

They are lucky they have a 97% success rate or I would be on the first flight home.

The hospital specialists are amazing and supportive. We are lucky to be here!

Nissim had fun as usual eating everything we don't want him to eat. He again was complimented by the specialists who said he was worth an entire team of specialists! He is amazing. Such a cute little man. His walking is getting much better too.
Nissim made a friend with a baby girl his age today, they met some clowns and laughed together (photos below).

The walk up the hill to the house is getting easier every day. The goats that bleat at us at the top are getting louder and more desperate for us to feed them, they are so funny looking. I will take some pics soon and upload them.

Tova is in bed watching Einstein, her favorite show.

It is a few hours later, Tova can't sleep because she is too hungry. I can't give her sugar water till she is asleep.

Yuvie and I just tried to feed her, she isn't really interested. She had a few sips of water.
I just gave her 40 mils of sugar water (PEG) to settle her. I hope she sleeps now.

Yuvie and I have swapped moods now. I was strong and happy today and Yuvie was falling apart. I am the fally one now and he is feeling fine!

Good times!

I am sure Tova thinks we are idiots, she is telling us what she wants, we have done it a billion times before, yet for some reason, unknown to her we have all gone stupid.

She is sleeping.

Ok, so after a peaceful night of sleep Tova has woken in a good mood. She had a tiny sip of water, but isn't interested in eating.

There is a fresh blanket of snow out side. And it just started to snow. This is our first snow during the day. It looks beautiful.

I hope today isn't going to be as hard as I imagine it to be.

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