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Weaning Day 5

A new velvety blanket of snow greeted us this morning, and to Yuval's delight, it was still snowing. It actually snowed for the entire day and is still snowing now in the evening. I just went outside to take some night shots and the snow has become so deep it is up to the top of my snow boots!

Nissim is living off chocolate, cake, candy and biscuits. He had never eaten any of these foods before Austria. I hope it isn't hard to get him back on track once we get home.

Tova had Physio with possibly one of the most incredible physiotherapists in the world, Eva. That was a great session. She got Tova to eat about 10 mills of pureed fruit. She also was concerned about Tova not eating anything so ordered a blood test. OT next and then we went to speech therapy. It is incredible having therapy every day.

The blood test was a finger prick, it wasn't as bad as I imagined.

The specialists were concerned with Tova's lack of energy and gave her 150mils of energy water in her PEG, and fed her another 10 or so mills of pureed fruit (via mouth). Tova fell asleep on the picnic floor.

She had a second blood test done.

Comparing blood tests showed that Tova was feeling particularly crap in the morning and the magic water in her PEG had made her feel much better in the afternoon.

We have some magic water for the weekend and if we want to we can decided to give her a night feed (PEG) of milk. I think we will.

Our new plan of action is to use a little 4 mill syringe filled with her puree and slowly get her to eat about 3 syringes every 2 to 3 hours (via mouth). This seems to be working so far. It is all about trial and error.

It is a pretty horrible feeling, but we know that in about 3 weeks our blog will read 'PEG out, Tova eats! Coming home!', so it is worth it.

Thank you again to everyone who is emailing and facebooking us with such support! We all appreciate it.

Not sure about going to shull tomorrow. The snow makes everything difficult with no car. It was nice having someone say 'Good Shabbas' to us in the hospital (Jewish doctors).

Most parents are looking exhausted already and it has only been 5 days. Next week it is supposed to get harder. They say that it is 1 step forward and 2 steps back. But by the end of the three weeks, it is an eating baby!

There are rumors that Australia will be the next country to have this clinic!!

Yuval has been eating cups of snow with cordial. He is in much better spirits today. We all are after Tova having magic water and little amounts of food. Thanks to Eva the physio.

There is a long road to go.

My husband and my kids are incredible!

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