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Weaning Day 6

Snow, snow, snow, snow and more snow.
Baileys on snow.

I have had fun wandering around in the woods (snow up to the top of my boots) taking pictures and feeding the farm animals apple.

Nissim hates the snow, and shoes. He cries if I put shoes on him and cries if I put him in the snow. I have a fantastic picture of him with shoes on and in the snow! Not happy at all! I am mean! hehe.

Yuval and I haven't bought anything in Graz so far, other than a massive amount of food. I hope to change this and eventually go to the indoor shopping center for some retail therapy. We may go to Vienna one weekend with the NZ family. This all depends on Miss T and how she is feeling.

Nissim is enjoying watching TV in German! He is also an expert volume controller and channel changer.

No hospital today. It is a nice break not having to schlep through the snow with the double pram. Nice not having to talk to anyone too. Today has been a focus on Tova at home.

Tova has actually opened her mouth for water today. Astounding. She has also been in a great mood, laughing and playing with her Aba. She has eaten about a teaspoon of pureed food every 2-3 hours today and had quite a few sips of water. It is mind blowing to see her actually open her mouth for water and put her lips around the sippy cup.
Even with all these positive things happening, today has been hard. Tova is very skinny. I keep thinking to myself 'What the fu#k are we doing, and by choice?'.

I got an email from a friend today that reminded me of when we watched Tova learn to breath in the NICU. That took five and a half months and was exhausting, yet learn to breath she did (thanks Laura)!
I remember when Tova was taken off the tube and put on CPAP, we were so proud and happy, only to be crushed a few hours later when she had to be intubated again. This eating process is right up there with that. We worry now because food sustains life and we are depriving her of that. But, yes we know the success rate this Graz clinic has and are confident we won't bring their stats down.

I am also anxious to see them break Seriah (the princess that can't even have food touch her). She is completely normal in every other way, not delayed in her development or anything, just a fruitloop when it comes to food. I just can't see how they will get her eating.

Again I have to thank everyone that has written to me. The emails I am getting are helpful and very much appreciated.

So now I drink my Baileys on snow and relax as my children go to sleep.


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