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Weaning Day 7

Today has been good.

We went for breakfast at the main house today. It is a fun walk through the woods in the snow. We can't take the pram so we carry a baby each. The owner of the hotel is always happy to see Nizo and gives him a gift each time we see him.

Again today was a focus on Tova and getting her to eat. We didn't do much else. However, the day has gone pretty quickly and Tova is a happy little girl.

Both Yuval and I are feeling much less stressed as we both get a hang of the rather involved feeding Tova Process.
We lay Tipi on Pillows, I hold her head and sing and Yuval squeezes small amounts of pureed food from a syringe (3 mill) into the little mouth. This is working very well.
Tova has had about 30mills of food every 2 or 3 hours. We also spend time playing with spoons of food and the sipi cup. She lets us know when she is finished by crying and trying to get away. We don't force her.

I made mashed potato for dinner and some fish, Nissim loved it. I was being a piggie with a massive dessert spoon of potatoes about to put it in my mouth when a little Tova (whom I was holding) leaned forward and took a mouth full. WTF? This is the first time Tova has ever eaten anything I have made and the first time to take a mouth full. Who is this eating child? Truly amazing.
I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me and for every good thing I keep reminding myself that we are in a roller coaster and who knows what tomorrow will bring. The hospital team have said that the second week is very hard and for every step forward there are usually two steps back.

When I bathed Tova this evening I nearly vomited from seeing how thin she is. She is eating, but not enough to sustain her weight.

Last night we waited for Tova to fall asleep and then gave her some magic water and a small feed of pediasure via PEG. I think we may do the same tonight, even though for dinner Tova had about 30 mills of water (via Mouth) and 50 mills of puree veggies (via Mouth).
I am sure that after Marguerite hears how well Toki is doing she will tell us to stop the night feed again tomorrow night.

Tova has a new game with Yuval now, she demands to be put in her high chair to play food games. Food seems to have become something fun for her. Wow, what a relief.

The NZ family upstairs are also amazed at the progress of their little bubba, who is also eating little amounts.

This entire week has been unbelievable. I can't believe we are in the snow in Austria. The other side of the world from home.


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