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Weaning Day 8

Nissim is almost a walking boy. He has been transitioning for the past week or so and now mostly walks with the occasional crawl. He does lots of falling still, but more coordinated falling than a few months ago. He has also started to bite everything including me, mostly me actually. People have commented that he is a happy boy and he gets lots of laughs from his audience and fans. It is nice to see him so happy.

We had an early start today, we were late.
Physio, Occupational therapy and Speech. Music therapy was canceled. Of course there was the play picnic at 12 too.
Physio with Eva was fantastic. Eva is a remarkable therapist and person. Apparently Tova and Nissim (Nissim is almost always included in therapy) speak fluent German, as they understand every word Eva says.
Eva has a special way with Tova, firm yet compassionate. We would like to take her back to Australia with us (we would have to fight the NZ family for her first though).

Tova has been in great spirits all day, almost her normal self. Big news is that she maintained her weight over the weekend. Friday she was 8.12 today she is 8.12! This confirms that she is eating. Tonight we give her NOTHING via the PEG, we gave her 50 mills of water and 50 mills of milk last night.

Eva showed us how to feed Tova with just one of us. Much easier than the crazy process we have had to do together every two hours. Perhaps now we can take it in turns, all though, Yuval seems to have taken the biggest role in feeding Tova at the moment. I suspect that is why Nissim has been a bit jealous; he had become accustomed to being Yuval's number 1 man!

Seriah still isn't eating, but walked cautiously into the play picnic and picked up a chocolate today. Oh and that reminds me, Nissim stole a chocolate off a baby today, and tried to take the sandwich from the NZ mummy.. he is so funny.

Yuval and I have bought more food. We are all eating heaps, that is the idea. Apparently babies of dieting parents take longer to eat than those of piggie parents. This is why Tova is eating so fast!

So, Tova is eating! From a syringe, but eating! We will slowly (or quickly) move to using a spoon, but who really cares how she eats.

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