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Weaning Day 9

Miss T has put on 30 grams!! Tomorrow I suspect she will have put on more. She is eating HEAPS!
I knew we would get Tova eating, but I didn't know it would be so fast and relatively easy. Maybe only steps forward from now on and an easy second week? Let's hope so.
We still need to introduce the spoon as the only eating method, but for starters she is doing great things eating from a syringe.
For dinner tonight she had an entire jar of baby food (approx 100mills) and for second dinner another one a few hours later.

Not much else to report. Nissim is cute as ever, Yuval is wonderful as ever. It is still freezing in Graz. I think our pram is going to fall apart by the time we leave here, it wasn't designed for snow.

Thanks again for the emails, I get excited each day to see if I have new emails. It is a bit lonely here with no friends to visit or gym to attend. I miss understanding everyone and wish I listened more in German class at school. Yuval is still inventing his own version of German and I am sure he will be speaking it for months to come to bless the ears of everyone back home.

Enjoy the photos of much the same.

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