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So, the other night we went to Tova's school awards night. For the primary school. It was great. I was surprised.
Tova was very excited to go. It started at about 7pm, so it was a late night & fun to be at school at night time.
There were organised games and activities, Tova loved it. It was really nice to see her so enthusiastic, which in turn made us feel involved.
I really love her school.

Then there was an awards ceremony. 4 awards were given out in the primary school. Two for bravery and two for literacy.
TOVA WON (achieved) A LITERACY award!
Our precious non-verbal princess! We are so proud! She is so lovely and so clever!

Her Auslan is pretty great these days.

Yuval and I also completed our TAFE course 'Cert 2 Auslan' the other day. That feels good. Cert 3 next year.

And the little boy, tomorrow is his last day of prep. I can't believe it. Where did the year just go? It's very cute talking to him about being a big grade 1 next year.

Tova with her literacy award 2014
Happy New Year 2015
World Premmie Day