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Quiet Times

Tova has been eating heaps. Many days she eats more than me! She certainly eats as much as if not more than Nissim!

Her food is still pureed and I still have to feed her with a song and dance for distraction, but she is eating with her mouth!

It is time to move on to the next stage. I don't know how and I don't know if Tova is ready, or how to even get her ready. I guess we keep doing what we are doing and eventually the next stage will happen. It would be nice to not have to sit down and feed her every few hours. But it IS nice to see her eat.

Nissim is talking more and more and also introduced me to the world of amazing tantrums. Wow, some of those tantrums can be fascinating to watch. I filmed one the other day so that I can play it back to him in front of his friends when they are teenagers!!! hehe.

He doesn't have tantrums too often and none out in public yet. Most of the time he is a very happy and very good boy. We are lucky.

Tova and Nissim also play well together now too.

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