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Birthday Boy

Tova is eating almost normal quantities of food again thankfully.

We now have two 3 year old children in the house. Tova is 4 in a few weeks and Nissim just turned 3.

They had a big birthday party in a hall next to a park. It was great fun and the sun even came out to help us celebrate. I didn't see Nissim for the entire afternoon. He wasn't interested in me and spent his time playing with friends and in the park (at least that is what I have been told).

Tova was a good girl and enjoyed herself right up until the end. By the time most people had gone home Tova had also had enough and insisted on going home, so the two of us left Nissim and Yuval to tidy up. They had loads of helpers such as cousins and grand parents. To whom Tova and I are very grateful.

Savta Aviva made two amazingly beautiful birthday cakes, I will attach a photo.

Nissim waited for two sleeps before opening his presents on the morning of his birthday. He was so excited to open them and every single one was fantastic. Thank you everyone for being so generous! We are waiting to open the rest of the presents on Tova's birthday.

Of course, turning 3 means Nissim had his hair cut. Wow, I can't stop looking at him. He looks like a little boy! Last night I crept into his bedroom just to take a look at his hair again. He really looks different, his entire face seems to have changed. Of course he remains the cute little man that he is.. Take a look at the pics.

Also, surprisingly, Nissim didn't react at all to the hairdresser nor Yuval cutting his hair. Yuval did the first big cut and snipped off Nissm's pony tail. When we first arrived at the salon he happily sat in the chair and let the lady touch his hair and put the gown on him. Really, we were all in shock about that more than the actual hair coming off. It was really strange. I think it must be all the preparation we did with him over the past few months, where we explained every single thing that would happen on the day. He was simply excellent!


Happy birthday little man! We love you so much.

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