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Croup again

It's been a while between sicknesses. Months even! I was wondering how long we could go without illness and hospitals.

Yesterday Tova woke up with labored breathing and a barking cough. No other symptoms. Ventolin did nothing so I figured it was Croup.

Yuval was at work (he started at 4am) so I asked my mum to pick Nissim up and take him to creche. Of course she did, she is always there for us!

I took Tova to the hospital. The ER was completely empty, so we were ushered in right away. Croup was confirmed, her lungs were clear and she was given Pred. No oxygen, no adrenalin, only pred! Easy!

Through out the day she didn't get better, but didn't get much worse.

The doctors worried a little because of Tova's history and proven ability to deteriorate quickly, we were kept there for the entire day and over night mostly for observation.

The Pred made her sleep for hours during the day and kept her awake for half the night.

All the medical staff were lovely.

Mum picked Nissim up from creche, so Yuval could spend some time with Tova and I at the hospital. Nissim ended up sleeping at mums too! I always feel torn when things like this happen. Nissim gets passed around and all I want to do is be home all together. He doesn't mind at all. He loves staying at Savtas house, it is his second home.

As usual on the hospital ward I ended up in a room with someone that had loads of visitors including other small kids. I never understand that. I don't want Nissim anywhere near the place nor have to worry about guests.. But unlike usual, none of my room mates turned their lights on during the night, which is lovely.

It wasn't an especially hard night, but it was broken and uncomfortable sleep for Tova and I. One nice nurse gave me panadol to give to Tova to help her settle. It helped her.

We were discharged at about 11am. It is always so nice to be home.

Tova is in a good mood.  Nissim seems a little tired and fragile, but very cute.

Tova has remained with no other symptom, other than funny breathing that sounds loads better today. She is perfectly happy.

One week until the Nissim haircut. WOOHOO

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