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ER, PICU, Ward and home

Croup again!

Nissim and Yuval have been a bit sick for the past few days, Yuval even taking a few days off work and spending heaps of time in bed sleeping. I haven't been feeling 100%, but have been ok. Tova was acting fine up until about 9pm on Wednesday night.

Yuval and I thought Tova was snoring unusually heavily, but she was happily sleeping so we didn't think we should wake her. At about midnight we put the humidifier in her room. At 2.30 she woke with that horrible croup cough and crying. By 2.45 we were in the ER and Tova was given Adrenalin. It worked pretty much instantly, calming her breathing almost completely. However not long later she started having troubles again, so she was given another lot of Adrenalin. This time it didn't work as fast/well and again after some time she was given another lot of Adrenalin and some Pred. PICU came down to meet her, as they do after a child is given 3 doses of Adrenalin. I was given the 'if she doesn't recover soon, we have other ways to make her comfortable' talk, (which of course they mean intubating her).

Tova was taking her time to stop that croup cough and horrible breathing so we were taken up to PICU. The second Tova noticed the cot from her pram, she started to smile. Then almost the moment she got in it (laughing) her breathing calmed and the nurse said "what are you doing in here, you are too well to be here". :-) Yep, I agreed! That is actually a really good thing to hear!

After spending most of the day in ICU for observation, we were moved to the ward. We were at first given the bed in-front of the nurses station that has the sink pretty much in the area where my bed would fold out for the night. And all the patients and nurses in that room would be using for the day. The first thing I did was ask to be moved. They are usually really good about asking to move. They have always moved us when we have requested in the past (usually for the same reason, but sometimes because we have been next to a challenging family).

The head nurse said that because we had been in ICU we had to be near the nurses station. I told her that Tova was just pretending to be in PICU, it was really only done for a precaution.  So after much pleading from me, we were moved. Our new bed was in a great spot all things considered. Of course the room was noisy and everyone particularly disrespectful of the other families children trying to sleep. My body was in shut down and I managed to sleep through the noise and lights for a couple of hours from about 10-midnight, Tova finally sleeping from about 10pm. The noise woke me for an hour or so at mid night and then Tova woke me at about 2.30 for an hour or so. I think she now has a flu/cold.

After she settled I completely collapsed. I didn't hear anything from the nurses or other families. I had 2.5 hours sleep the night before and was too tired for my ears to work. Showering at the new RonniMac family room was quite a treat. Tova stayed asleep pretty much up until 9.30, and would have slept more if we hadn't been discharged so early.

It was quite remarkable being 'let out' so early. Last night the Dr came around before going home and asked me if our day had been boring, I replied that it had. He said that he started work at 8.30am and would come see us first thing. If I told him that our night had been boring too, he would let us go right away (which in doctor means a few hours). It was a boring night in respect to all things croup related, so we were home by about 10am!!!!

Oh how I would love to stay in bed all day today.

Tova seems fine now. I gave her some panadol when we got home and she ate breakfast. She has had some green snot, so I guess she now has a cold. Nissim is a bit grumpy, I think he has the end of a cold and is bored because I am so boring today. Poor boy.

I am so looking forward to bed time tonight, and healthy food. When I am in hospital with miss T I eat so much junk. And to make it worse, the new family room has free cake and chocolate biscuits.. Great!

The doctors said that some kids just get Croup and they don't know why. And she may keep getting it for a few years.. not what I wanted to hear. But at least I can feel somewhat prepared. I usually think that this is the last time Tova will get Croup, and get shocked and saddened when she gets it again. Now I can at least know that it is quite possible that she will get it again and be surprised if she doesn't.

Well, it is great to be back home for miss Tova to get well. AGAIN.

One is 3 and One is 4