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Tova feels heavy. My arms hurt from carrying her. She is still a tiny dot on the planet, but getting heavier. I wonder what she weighs? Perhaps I will weigh her sometime soon out of curiosity. Mostly to find out if it is just me getting weaker.

Tova, Nissim and I are in Tasmania visiting family and friends.

We went to a birthday party for a little boy turning 5, whom is also a Graz graduate! And yes, he ate his cake!

Flying here was very easy. I am not sure why, but my kids are very easy on the plane. I put them in their seats and they didn't move until we landed. Tova was a bit worried by the loud noise of take off and she settled very quickly once the sound stopped.

I never stay here long enough. Last time I was here for about 5 days, this time about 10. Next time I am going to stay for at least 2 weeks. It is so beautiful and easy going here.

Eating is good. Not much to report. I have been using the dvd player here just because I don't want to struggle in an unfamiliar place (Tova is a bit out of sorts because it isn't familiar and aba isn't here).

Croup again