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Eating is pretty much the same. Mashed, a few lumps, soft and wet foods only.

Tova is trying to do some self feeding, grabbing the spoon and asking for the glass to drink from at drink times.

We are doing more point percussion to try and get better muscle tone in her mouth, hopefully that will help. We are doing a bunch of other therapies too such as feldenkrais and more speech therapy.

At least she is eating, drinking and growing. She looks like such a 'big girl' now. I was watching her from the window at play group today. She was sitting on the little stool smiling and watching as the 'teacher' was singing the good bye song. Something about her just looked so grown up.

Nissim is being a good boy mostly. It is fun watching him be 3. When he meets new people (at the park for example) the first thing he tells them is "hi, I have short hair". It is his pick up line. So cute!

The last time we were in hospital with croup the doctors told me that some kids get repeated cases of Croup and can do so for years. Therefore I have decided to buy a dongle for wireless internet. That way when we go to the hospital I can play on my computer while we are there.

My other thoughts on this are, if I do buy this dongle, get a plan and pay loads of money for it, Tova won't get sick again.. Because that is how things seem to work.

So, I went to the shops to find out about prices etc. Only to be informed that because I have upgraded to Lion, no dongles are currently compatible with my computer.  However, I am sure that this can't really be true (I am yet to find the the time to research the facts). If it is true, the updates to the drivers can't be too far away and I will get one.

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