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Things are lovely and boring at the moment.

Nissim's creche told me that he is a good eater at creche, which makes up for the not so good eating at home (at least 2 days a week). I don't worry about him too much as he is happy and growing (so his clothes tell me) and there is no way we could force him to eat.

It is almost haircut time for him. In a matter of weeks that long pony tail will be a thing of the past and I will hopefully leave the 'are they twin girls?', 'what's her name' and 'she is so pretty' comments in the past! The big 3 years old is next month! He is booked in at a fancy pants kids hairdresser on his birthday. We have been preparing him for the hair cut for months and he is pretty excited to have short hair like Aba (and the promise of cake). However, there is potential for him to freak out. We figured that a hairdresser with play stations, flat screens and toys was probably the best way to go for a first haircut.

Tova has been eating heaps as usual. She is trying to feed herself more and more with the spoon and is having fun putting her hands into the food and hands into her mouth. She also likes to put food on one finger and then put the finger in her mouth. Clever!

Also, she has started allowing Yuval to brush her teeth with a real toothbrush and tooth paste. There is a process to it and she insists on the distractions he provides like singing and airplane sounds, but at least she is brushing her teeth!