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More Croup

Firstly, I don't know why and I haven't had a chance to figure out how to fix it, but Yuval's blog from Austria has vanished from the front end. I will fix it in time.

Secondly, this blog tool doesn't let me read the comments easily and I only just found a bunch of comments recently, so, sorry to the people that must think I have been ignoring you. I only got the comments in the last few days! Thank you for them.

The rest is about Tova and Nissim...

Sunday afternoon we noticed that Tova was breathing and coughing a little bit unusually. Nissim was also coughing and acting quite miserable. I packed a bag ready to go to the hospital. Before Yuval and I made the 'go to hospital' decision we decided to put the ventilator in Tova's room and give her panadol (Nissim absolutely refused to take the medicine). After about 20mins she fell asleep with no coughing or funny breathing.

4am, she woke with barking coughing and terrible breathing.

Nissim was still sound asleep, he was coughing a little in his sleep, but not as bad as miss T.

By 4.10 Tova was being administered Adrenalin and steroids. 'Lucky' we live 2 mins from the hospital.

She didn't respond to the first lot of drugs, so they gave her a second lot (just like last week).

Again, she wasn't improving fast enough so a Dr from PICU came down to check her out. He hung around for a while and then came to see her every half hour or so for about 2 hours.

After another lot of steroids Tova started to improve. The PICU dr vanished and I thanked the powers that be!

When Dr 'eye candy' picu told me that Tova would probably be going there I got scared! I don't even know what he was saying to me, all I could think about was how a friend had a beautiful baby pass away in there and another put in an induced coma..

It was pretty annoying going to the ward yet again, but far better than going to PICU.

Nissim was with Savta Aviva for the Monday as uv was working. When Yuval picked little N up, he took him strait to the GP who said that Nissim had 2 ear infections. He is pretty snotty and coughing loads. Poor little boy.

By the time Tova and I got home on Tuesday I was missing Nissim so much it hurt. We had lots of cuddles and smiles when I walked in the door. He is gorgeous. Poor little sickies.

Everyone woke up this morning a little better. Tova seems fine other than being a little lethargic. Nissim is a pool of snot and coughs but on Antibiotics that will hopefully fix him quickly.

While in hospital no one mentioned that I should tube Tova, again that is a massive breakthrough in my mind.

The dietitian offered to weigh and chart Tova, I said 'no thanks'. She asked why and I told her that the only thing weighing and measuring does is make me stressed, it doesn't make Tova grow. I can't fit more food in Tova as she is a little pig and eats loads each day. The dietitian didn't seem bothered.. I almost fell over backwards.. perhaps attitudes are changing! I hope so.

Stupid tubes.. I hate tubes that aren't necessary. There is no way I could love a feeding tube in a child that is able to eat. I personally think it is child abuse!

RSV, Parainfluenza, Asthma, Infected Ear and Tova