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Off Her Food

Since being home from hospital earlier this week, Tova has slowly gone off her food.

While she was in hospital and for a day or two after, she was eating like her normal piggy self. But now for the last couple of days she doesn't want to eat much at all. She is drinking which is a good thing.

The other day she slept until about 9.30am from about 6.45pm the night before! She has also been sleeping for an hour a day and requesting to go to bed pretty much from the moment she is awake.

I hope this sickness/tiredness passes quickly.  I have a feeling that her ears are hurting too, because when I put her ear plugs in (for the bath) she cried a little (which never happens).

We have the kids birthday party tomorrow. We are all hoping that she is at least 99% better so she can come to the party.

I haven't panicked too much while she has gone off her food. But it does still make me nervous. It shouldn't. Most people go off their food when they don't feel well.

Nissim is fine, he has been playing with his cousins who are down from NSW for a few days. Tova signed to Timna (cousin) "I love you"!!! So sweet!

Tova went to bed very early again tonight. I suppose her body is telling her that she needs sleep to get over what ever it is she has, perhaps croup takes this long to get over even though she didn't need oxygen or adrenalin. Maybe it is the steroids working their magic, yet disrupting her sleep pattern.  If she is any worse tomorrow, I will take her to the Dr.

Tomorrow will be filled with cake, lollies and junk food! yay!

I miss the gym. I haven't been for about a month. Hopefully we will get back there on Monday!

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