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One is 3 and One is 4

My tiny little ex 553gram 24 weeker just turned 4 years old.

It was fun having two three year olds for a couple of weeks. Now it is fun having one 3 and one 4.

Happy birthday princess.

We went to uncle mordi's cafe for birthday coffee. They made her a sticky date pudding cake with a sparkler, she loved the sparkler. I loved the pudding.

Saba gave Tova some of the sauce and ice cream from the cake. Tova isn't able to eat her cake yet (unless I puree it). So the condiments had to do. I look forward to the birthday where Tova grabs a piece of cake and eats it 'as is'. One day!

Nissim ate some.

The kids got about $150 cash, so we went and brought some crazy expensive clothes from Seed and Country Road. Every time I asked Nissim if he liked an item of clothing he replied "I don't think so!". So cute!

We are meeting a new speech therapist tomorrow, not that there is anything wrong with the one we see now (she is lovely and helpful). We just figure the more therapy the better, and another point of view can't hurt. Perhaps this one can help us get Tova to chew and eat dry foods.

I wonder if it is more than just low muscle tone in Tova's mouth? We will see. I wish there was a feeding clinic for issues like Tova's here in Australia. I would love to go to an intensive feeding program (live in style) for 10 days. The only ones I have found are either closed or only take severely CP and other special needs kids, they told me Tova doesn't have a severe enough special need... BIZARRE, because I would have thought that anyone who can't chew, can only eat purees and can't self feed is severe enough. Not to worry, we will find a way. Hence the new speech therapist.

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