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Eating is going well. Not much has changed, but yes, the DVD player is GONE! Singing happens from time to time, but if I put children's music or Reggae on the ipod, Tova eats without me having to sing!

Sometimes she asks me to sing and if I don't she turns her head away from the spoon. But if I persists and be strong, I can usually get her to finish her meal without singing (I just turn the reggae up).

I have also noticed that she is now telling me if she doesn't like a particular food. In the past she would just eat anything. Now, if she doesn't like it for what ever reason, she makes it quite clear that there is no way that I will get her to eat it.

Thankfully there isn't much that she won't eat.

Everything is still pureed or mashed.

She is growing (I can tell by her clothes) and her legs look nice and chunky now!

Nissim is learning lots of crazy things from being a social being at Creche, I can't complain, he really is a good boy and learning from others is a part of life.

I got some new studio lights for my photography and am loving playing with them. I am finding it hard being tired all the time as I can't play much with my photography until kids are sleeping, which means I stay up until about 1am.. yawn.. It is worth it, because I love it..

Weaning From the DVD