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T=9.6 and counting

This morning after dropping Nissim off at Creche Tova and I went to Play Zone/Gym.

I was a bit early so I took the time to weigh Tova (fully clothed) on the gym scales.. 9.7something.. Interesting.. I knew her clothes couldn't weigh 600grams, so I remembered to weigh her this evening after the bath on the same scales we usually use..

9.6kg!!! UNBELIEVABLE! I am shocked! It must be all the weetbix! What a fatty piggie!! I love it! I love that she is gaining weight!

Tova has also turned into the queen of key word signing! She says things such as ' I love you', 'Tova/me', 'Ima/you', 'pig',  'bed' and so much more.. It is really great fun talking with her like that!

Nissim talks pretty much completely. There are still a few words that we don't understand.

At the moment he is in his bed crying himself to sleep because I won't let him come into the big bed where Aba is trying to sleep (uv is feeling a bit off, so has put himself to bed).

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