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The Same Size

We went to Mullumbimby for Pesach. Yuval's sisters live there.

One of Nissim and Tova's cousins (Lev) was born the day after Tova, full term. Obviously making Tova one day older, and strangely making Tova about 3 months younger.. (Tova born at 24 weeks, born in August but not due till December).

A weight lifted off my shoulders when Tova, Nissim and Lev were next to each other. Comparing their sizes went like this. Nissim the youngest of the three is the tallest and 'fattest'. Lev next, she is taller than Tova, but not by much, perhaps 3cm maybe 4cm. It took some close studying to figure out who is thinner, Tova or Lev.. Lev has no fat on her but has muscle tone, so perhaps looks more 'solid'. Essentially, they are the same size. NICE TO KNOW!

I have some photos of them together that will now accompany me to most medical appointments. I would like the doctors to look at the entire picture, not just their 'text books'.

In other news, at the moment in Australia Bananas are about $15kg, while we were in Mullum we found a road side stall selling them for $2kg.. YUM, we ate about 3kg.

Nissim and His Pupik
T=9.6 and counting