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Weaning From the DVD

For the past week I have been feeding Tova sans DVD player!

It has been a little bit difficult, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Also, having children's music on in the background helps. It is nice to see her appreciate music. When a song she knows the actions to comes on she does her little dance moves, she is so cute. She especially loves doing the diamond from twinkle twinkle.

The carers at her play group on Thursdays haven't used the DVD player for eating for months, I think that is why it has been so easy for me. They are such a brilliant play group!

Nissim is being his cute self, he is much easier now that he is just that bit older. He is able to communicate his needs and wants, which makes life much nicer. However he does from time to time resort to crying and fussing, which of course, drives me insane. However, he really is such a good boy.

His creche say that he not only is ready for 5 days a week of kinder next year, he NEEDS it. Wow! I was worried that 5 days would be too much, but they have reassured me that it is actually the best thing for him! He is so impressive! What a little miracle.

So, hopefully this transition from eating only when distracted is a thing of the past and also the stepping stone to independent eating, possibly even eating things that aren't pureed! I really hope so, but I am very patient about it. Little steps and one at a time!

What ever happens, I am very proud and very impressed by my two little premi babies.

Nice and Quiet