Weaning From the DVD

For the past week I have been feeding Tova sans DVD player!

It has been a little bit difficult, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Also, having children's music on in the background helps. It is nice to see her appreciate music. When a song she knows the actions to comes on she does her little dance moves, she is so cute. She especially loves doing the diamond from twinkle twinkle.

The carers at her play group on Thursdays haven't used the DVD player for eating for months, I think that is why it has been so easy for me. They are such a brilliant play group!

Nissim is being his cute self, he is much easier now that he is just that bit older. He is able to communicate his needs and wants, which makes life much nicer. However he does from time to time resort to crying and fussing, which of course, drives me insane. However, he really is such a good boy.

His creche say that he not only is ready for 5 days a week of kinder next year, he NEEDS it. Wow! I was worried that 5 days would be too much, but they have reassured me that it is actually the best thing for him! He is so impressive! What a little miracle.

So, hopefully this transition from eating only when distracted is a thing of the past and also the stepping stone to independent eating, possibly even eating things that aren't pureed! I really hope so, but I am very patient about it. Little steps and one at a time!

What ever happens, I am very proud and very impressed by my two little premi babies.

Nice and Quiet

Well I really don't have much to say. Which of course is lovely.

Tova is eating loads and Nissim isn't. Nissim doesn't eat dinner often and if he does it is usually only because he has convinced us to give him porridge or cereal.  He is happy and seems to be growing (according to his clothes), so I don't worry too much.

Tova had her AFO's (ankle foot orthotics) checked out this week and the AFO guy assures me that Tova's feet have grown and that we will need new AFO's in a few months. So, Tova is also growing. As she should be, she eats so much.

Tova is trying to self feed more and more, which is something to look forward to. Her food is still all pureed but with a few more lumps. Slowly, slowly.

That's all. Nice and quiet around here at the moment.

Nissim and His Pupik

Last Monday Nissim had day surgery.

Since we can remember Nizo has had a hernia belly button (pupik). It was time for it to go.

When we arrived at 6.50am I warned every nurse and doctor that Nissim was afraid of them, doctor 'tools', stickers and pretty much everything to do with the hospital environment. EVERYONE was respectful and careful with him. I was happily surprised.

Nissim did protest about a few things, such as having the sticker on his hand, he didn't mind having the cream on (to numb the area for a drip), but hates having anything sticky on his body or clothing, so he made a little bit of a fuss. The nurse was strong and quick to get it on.

The morning progressed slowly with doctors and nurses asking Nissim questions over about a 2 hour period, all done quietly and carefully. Then it was time to 'go in'. . The surgeons were lovely, they told Nissim that the room with the big lights was where the Wiggles film their shows and that they were in fact a bunch of blue wiggles. Nissim was curiously cautious. Nissim told everyone in the room that in actual fact the Blue Wiggle is 'Anthony'! They were all interested and lovely!

When the surgery was done (about 30mins or less later) I could hear him crying down the hall way to where I was waiting, I ran to him.

He was delirious, they gave him strong pain relief to calm him down. It made a difference.

One very wise nurse, whom must have been working there for a long time, offered Nissim an icy-pole! He was lethargically impressed. She went away to check what colours they had and returned to ask him which one he wanted, white, green or orange.. He replied "Orange". He then spent the next half an hour or so eating it in a daze. He was so cute.

Tova spent the morning with Savta Debbie reading and playing.

Yuval went to work.

Saba Coby visited Nissim and me in the hospital just before we were discharged at about mid day. Ten Minutes after Nissim and I got home Aba arrived. Nissim spent the rest of the day on his Thomas couch eating bagels and watching TV.
For the next couple of days he wouldn't bend properly to pick things up so we all helped him. I think he liked having everyone do everything for him.

It was an interesting experience having the strong baby as the patient.

Tonight, a week later, Yuval took the dressing off. Nissim freaked out as it hurt to rip the waterproof dressing off. Poor bubba. After wanting me to hold him for 30mins he went to bed and fell into a deep sleep. He has also been at creche today, making him very tired.

Tova has been eating well.

She had a ear ache on Thursday night that hurt her so much that even panadol didn't help, she cried loudly and in such a way that we knew it was due to pain. We managed to not go to hospital, which is lovely! She had no fever, and was breathing normally! The next morning I took her to the GP who said that something (ear drum?) was building up pressure causing loads of pain, and once that burst the pain all went.  He put her on Antibiotics to make sure no infection happens! She is happy and well.

Tova is about 9.7kg and feels heavy to carry! She is still a tiny little spot and next to Nissim, she looks so very small. They are really enjoying hugging each other at the moment, both smile from ear to ear, it seriously is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

The Same Size

We went to Mullumbimby for Pesach. Yuval's sisters live there.

One of Nissim and Tova's cousins (Lev) was born the day after Tova, full term. Obviously making Tova one day older, and strangely making Tova about 3 months younger.. (Tova born at 24 weeks, born in August but not due till December).

A weight lifted off my shoulders when Tova, Nissim and Lev were next to each other. Comparing their sizes went like this. Nissim the youngest of the three is the tallest and 'fattest'. Lev next, she is taller than Tova, but not by much, perhaps 3cm maybe 4cm. It took some close studying to figure out who is thinner, Tova or Lev.. Lev has no fat on her but has muscle tone, so perhaps looks more 'solid'. Essentially, they are the same size. NICE TO KNOW!

I have some photos of them together that will now accompany me to most medical appointments. I would like the doctors to look at the entire picture, not just their 'text books'.

In other news, at the moment in Australia Bananas are about $15kg, while we were in Mullum we found a road side stall selling them for $2kg.. YUM, we ate about 3kg.

T=9.6 and counting

This morning after dropping Nissim off at Creche Tova and I went to Play Zone/Gym.

I was a bit early so I took the time to weigh Tova (fully clothed) on the gym scales.. 9.7something.. Interesting.. I knew her clothes couldn't weigh 600grams, so I remembered to weigh her this evening after the bath on the same scales we usually use..

9.6kg!!! UNBELIEVABLE! I am shocked! It must be all the weetbix! What a fatty piggie!! I love it! I love that she is gaining weight!

Tova has also turned into the queen of key word signing! She says things such as ' I love you', 'Tova/me', 'Ima/you', 'pig',  'bed' and so much more.. It is really great fun talking with her like that!

Nissim talks pretty much completely. There are still a few words that we don't understand.

At the moment he is in his bed crying himself to sleep because I won't let him come into the big bed where Aba is trying to sleep (uv is feeling a bit off, so has put himself to bed).