Eating is pretty much the same. Mashed, a few lumps, soft and wet foods only.

Tova is trying to do some self feeding, grabbing the spoon and asking for the glass to drink from at drink times.

We are doing more point percussion to try and get better muscle tone in her mouth, hopefully that will help. We are doing a bunch of other therapies too such as feldenkrais and more speech therapy.

At least she is eating, drinking and growing. She looks like such a 'big girl' now. I was watching her from the window at play group today. She was sitting on the little stool smiling and watching as the 'teacher' was singing the good bye song. Something about her just looked so grown up.

Nissim is being a good boy mostly. It is fun watching him be 3. When he meets new people (at the park for example) the first thing he tells them is "hi, I have short hair". It is his pick up line. So cute!

The last time we were in hospital with croup the doctors told me that some kids get repeated cases of Croup and can do so for years. Therefore I have decided to buy a dongle for wireless internet. That way when we go to the hospital I can play on my computer while we are there.

My other thoughts on this are, if I do buy this dongle, get a plan and pay loads of money for it, Tova won't get sick again.. Because that is how things seem to work.

So, I went to the shops to find out about prices etc. Only to be informed that because I have upgraded to Lion, no dongles are currently compatible with my computer.  However, I am sure that this can't really be true (I am yet to find the the time to research the facts). If it is true, the updates to the drivers can't be too far away and I will get one.

ER, PICU, Ward and home

Croup again!

Nissim and Yuval have been a bit sick for the past few days, Yuval even taking a few days off work and spending heaps of time in bed sleeping. I haven't been feeling 100%, but have been ok. Tova was acting fine up until about 9pm on Wednesday night.

Yuval and I thought Tova was snoring unusually heavily, but she was happily sleeping so we didn't think we should wake her. At about midnight we put the humidifier in her room. At 2.30 she woke with that horrible croup cough and crying. By 2.45 we were in the ER and Tova was given Adrenalin. It worked pretty much instantly, calming her breathing almost completely. However not long later she started having troubles again, so she was given another lot of Adrenalin. This time it didn't work as fast/well and again after some time she was given another lot of Adrenalin and some Pred. PICU came down to meet her, as they do after a child is given 3 doses of Adrenalin. I was given the 'if she doesn't recover soon, we have other ways to make her comfortable' talk, (which of course they mean intubating her).

Tova was taking her time to stop that croup cough and horrible breathing so we were taken up to PICU. The second Tova noticed the cot from her pram, she started to smile. Then almost the moment she got in it (laughing) her breathing calmed and the nurse said "what are you doing in here, you are too well to be here". :-) Yep, I agreed! That is actually a really good thing to hear!

After spending most of the day in ICU for observation, we were moved to the ward. We were at first given the bed in-front of the nurses station that has the sink pretty much in the area where my bed would fold out for the night. And all the patients and nurses in that room would be using for the day. The first thing I did was ask to be moved. They are usually really good about asking to move. They have always moved us when we have requested in the past (usually for the same reason, but sometimes because we have been next to a challenging family).

The head nurse said that because we had been in ICU we had to be near the nurses station. I told her that Tova was just pretending to be in PICU, it was really only done for a precaution.  So after much pleading from me, we were moved. Our new bed was in a great spot all things considered. Of course the room was noisy and everyone particularly disrespectful of the other families children trying to sleep. My body was in shut down and I managed to sleep through the noise and lights for a couple of hours from about 10-midnight, Tova finally sleeping from about 10pm. The noise woke me for an hour or so at mid night and then Tova woke me at about 2.30 for an hour or so. I think she now has a flu/cold.

After she settled I completely collapsed. I didn't hear anything from the nurses or other families. I had 2.5 hours sleep the night before and was too tired for my ears to work. Showering at the new RonniMac family room was quite a treat. Tova stayed asleep pretty much up until 9.30, and would have slept more if we hadn't been discharged so early.

It was quite remarkable being 'let out' so early. Last night the Dr came around before going home and asked me if our day had been boring, I replied that it had. He said that he started work at 8.30am and would come see us first thing. If I told him that our night had been boring too, he would let us go right away (which in doctor means a few hours). It was a boring night in respect to all things croup related, so we were home by about 10am!!!!

Oh how I would love to stay in bed all day today.

Tova seems fine now. I gave her some panadol when we got home and she ate breakfast. She has had some green snot, so I guess she now has a cold. Nissim is a bit grumpy, I think he has the end of a cold and is bored because I am so boring today. Poor boy.

I am so looking forward to bed time tonight, and healthy food. When I am in hospital with miss T I eat so much junk. And to make it worse, the new family room has free cake and chocolate biscuits.. Great!

The doctors said that some kids just get Croup and they don't know why. And she may keep getting it for a few years.. not what I wanted to hear. But at least I can feel somewhat prepared. I usually think that this is the last time Tova will get Croup, and get shocked and saddened when she gets it again. Now I can at least know that it is quite possible that she will get it again and be surprised if she doesn't.

Well, it is great to be back home for miss Tova to get well. AGAIN.

One is 3 and One is 4

My tiny little ex 553gram 24 weeker just turned 4 years old.

It was fun having two three year olds for a couple of weeks. Now it is fun having one 3 and one 4.

Happy birthday princess.

We went to uncle mordi's cafe for birthday coffee. They made her a sticky date pudding cake with a sparkler, she loved the sparkler. I loved the pudding.

Saba gave Tova some of the sauce and ice cream from the cake. Tova isn't able to eat her cake yet (unless I puree it). So the condiments had to do. I look forward to the birthday where Tova grabs a piece of cake and eats it 'as is'. One day!

Nissim ate some.

The kids got about $150 cash, so we went and brought some crazy expensive clothes from Seed and Country Road. Every time I asked Nissim if he liked an item of clothing he replied "I don't think so!". So cute!

We are meeting a new speech therapist tomorrow, not that there is anything wrong with the one we see now (she is lovely and helpful). We just figure the more therapy the better, and another point of view can't hurt. Perhaps this one can help us get Tova to chew and eat dry foods.

I wonder if it is more than just low muscle tone in Tova's mouth? We will see. I wish there was a feeding clinic for issues like Tova's here in Australia. I would love to go to an intensive feeding program (live in style) for 10 days. The only ones I have found are either closed or only take severely CP and other special needs kids, they told me Tova doesn't have a severe enough special need... BIZARRE, because I would have thought that anyone who can't chew, can only eat purees and can't self feed is severe enough. Not to worry, we will find a way. Hence the new speech therapist.

Birthday Boy

Tova is eating almost normal quantities of food again thankfully.

We now have two 3 year old children in the house. Tova is 4 in a few weeks and Nissim just turned 3.

They had a big birthday party in a hall next to a park. It was great fun and the sun even came out to help us celebrate. I didn't see Nissim for the entire afternoon. He wasn't interested in me and spent his time playing with friends and in the park (at least that is what I have been told).

Tova was a good girl and enjoyed herself right up until the end. By the time most people had gone home Tova had also had enough and insisted on going home, so the two of us left Nissim and Yuval to tidy up. They had loads of helpers such as cousins and grand parents. To whom Tova and I are very grateful.

Savta Aviva made two amazingly beautiful birthday cakes, I will attach a photo.

Nissim waited for two sleeps before opening his presents on the morning of his birthday. He was so excited to open them and every single one was fantastic. Thank you everyone for being so generous! We are waiting to open the rest of the presents on Tova's birthday.

Of course, turning 3 means Nissim had his hair cut. Wow, I can't stop looking at him. He looks like a little boy! Last night I crept into his bedroom just to take a look at his hair again. He really looks different, his entire face seems to have changed. Of course he remains the cute little man that he is.. Take a look at the pics.

Also, surprisingly, Nissim didn't react at all to the hairdresser nor Yuval cutting his hair. Yuval did the first big cut and snipped off Nissm's pony tail. When we first arrived at the salon he happily sat in the chair and let the lady touch his hair and put the gown on him. Really, we were all in shock about that more than the actual hair coming off. It was really strange. I think it must be all the preparation we did with him over the past few months, where we explained every single thing that would happen on the day. He was simply excellent!


Happy birthday little man! We love you so much.

Off Her Food

Since being home from hospital earlier this week, Tova has slowly gone off her food.

While she was in hospital and for a day or two after, she was eating like her normal piggy self. But now for the last couple of days she doesn't want to eat much at all. She is drinking which is a good thing.

The other day she slept until about 9.30am from about 6.45pm the night before! She has also been sleeping for an hour a day and requesting to go to bed pretty much from the moment she is awake.

I hope this sickness/tiredness passes quickly.  I have a feeling that her ears are hurting too, because when I put her ear plugs in (for the bath) she cried a little (which never happens).

We have the kids birthday party tomorrow. We are all hoping that she is at least 99% better so she can come to the party.

I haven't panicked too much while she has gone off her food. But it does still make me nervous. It shouldn't. Most people go off their food when they don't feel well.

Nissim is fine, he has been playing with his cousins who are down from NSW for a few days. Tova signed to Timna (cousin) "I love you"!!! So sweet!

Tova went to bed very early again tonight. I suppose her body is telling her that she needs sleep to get over what ever it is she has, perhaps croup takes this long to get over even though she didn't need oxygen or adrenalin. Maybe it is the steroids working their magic, yet disrupting her sleep pattern.  If she is any worse tomorrow, I will take her to the Dr.

Tomorrow will be filled with cake, lollies and junk food! yay!

I miss the gym. I haven't been for about a month. Hopefully we will get back there on Monday!