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Croup but not....

A couple of days ago I woke up with a sore throat. I went and got some Betadine gargle and tried not to breath on Tova. Usually when I get any kind of sick, it means Tova catches it and ends up with croup and hospital by ambulance. 

I took Tova to the Bowen Therapists (John whom we LOVE!! ). I mentioned that I wasn't 100% and he had to try anything to prevent Tova from getting sick. He did his magic. We then trotted off down the road to our Traditional Chinese Medicine Man (Udi Tal we love him too). He did his magic!

That was on Thursday. Today is Saturday. 

This morning Tova woke up with that croup cough. Her breathing was ok and she seemed to not have a fever. However, Yuval and I don't risk it now. We gave her Pred and Panadol, she had breakfast and a drink. It all seems to be working. The croup cough now sounds like a normal cough, which is music to my ears. Every time I hear her cough I feel happy. Happy that she sounds like a normal sick child, not a rushed off in an ambulance sick child. 

Nissim has a runny nose, but seems fine. 

Both kids have spent much of today on the couch with tv and ipads. I have been to the gym and lululemon - I want EVERYTHING in that shop!

So, we are hoping that tonight is as boring as bat poo... Croup has a way of sneaking up on Tova when we least expect it and so suddenly.. But perhaps not this time!!!

It has been pretty much 2 months since Tova's last hospital stay because of croup. I hope to eventually write it has been 2 years.. 

Eating is the same.. Of course she isn't eating as much today as she isn't feeling so great, but she is eating. 

Oh and the other night, it could have even been last night (they all blend together), Tova's grommet in her left ear fell out. It was in her ear, I found it when I was about to put the ear plugs in for her bath. It was a strange thing to see. But Fantstic, I just want the other one to come out now, then Tova can have swimming lessons. We will also visit some natural and 'alternative' therapies about fluid in her ears. NEVER grommet again! NEVER!


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