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Dare I say it? CCCCRRRROOOOUUUPPP boring!

Really? It is kind of like a joke now, isn't it?

Instead of first talking about the boring croup. I want to write about yesterday.

I took Tova to the therapy center where she has Bowen therapy with the most lovely John!

The center also has a bunch of other therapists, I took Tova to the Osteo to fix Tova's ears.

Tova wasn't very impressed, it was similar to the hearing test the other day, where Tova completely lost the plot, with what seemed like fear. Not sure what that is all about, it isn't like Tova to be all freaked out.

Well, this time I was mostly prepared. I had the Ipad, but I took the wrong one. I took the one that has NO WIGGLES! That was stupid of me. But it still has loads of kids games, so Tova was ok during the appointment. Not great, but ok.

So, now we wait and see if the osteo made a difference. We will go back to her again next week for more. I really hope she can get the fluid out of Tova's ears!

I will also search for additional methods to help with fluid and see what I come up with. But NO MORE GROMMETS!

Well, ok, so the croup!

Tova woke up at about 6.30am with that stupid croup cough. I got up and picked Tova up out of her bed and took her into mine. She was all cozy in between Yuval and I. About 15 mins of being semi peaceful she started that cough again, so we gave her Pred.

It did the trick. No hospital yet.

She seems fine, her cough gradually changed from the croup bark to a normal cough during the day. We even made it to Science Works for the afternoon. Wow, that place is so boring. But the kids had fun, and that is why we were there, so it was well worth the trip.

Tova ate well today. She had a huge breakfast, huge lunch, huge dinner and snack in between. I knew something was up yesterday when she only ate half her breakfast and half her lunch and wasn't very interested in dinner. I knew she was getting sick. That is the only time she doens't eat us out of house and home.

She is now in her bed sleeping. I can hear her in the monitor, she seems to be stirring a little. I hope that tonight is as boring as can be! Of course I have butterflies in my stomach and am feeling all anxious. But, hopefully no hospital!

Nissim didn't eat much dinner tonight. Not sure if that is because of all the cheesymite snacks he had today, or if he is also not feeling the best.

Nissim is so funny these days, saying really funny things for example, on the way home from science works, he was a bit grumpy so we were telling him how much we like a happy Nissim. He said "My happiness is gone!" and when I asked him where it went he replied "it is in my bum!". haha. He is a funny one.

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