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Grommets again!!!

Goodness me!

A few days ago Tova had the grommets done. No cancellation this time as it had been about 3 weeks since Tova's last admission to hospital for being sick. I think if it had been any less they wouldn't have done it.

This was our first experience in Casey hospital and our first time going public for Grommets! Wow, what a difference.

Public seem to have so much more time and compassion. They were amazing, all of them. I loath the part where I hold Tova while they put her to sleep, every time I have done it I have said to myself "never again, Yuval is doing it next time, I can't handle it", yet for some reason I do it again (actually Yuval did it always for the first few years). Well gosh, I had an anesthetist nurse holding me while I was holding Tova, there were about 4 or 5 medical people standing around me sitting on a chair and they were all supporting me with kind words and helpful information such as "she will jolt a little as she is falling asleep, but that is normal, don't worry, Tova is fine, she is happily asleep" and things like that.

Then they called me right away even before Tova was awake in the recovery area and didn't mind when I put Tova back on her bed the wrong way around, they just followed my lead because they knew that I know what is best for Tova! It was really something else! Tova recovered better than she has from any other anesthetic in the past. She was hardly sad and signed for a drink pretty soon after getting back up to the ward.

We were home just after lunch time! Tova was a bit sleepy and did have a long afternoon sleep and again went to be at bed time till the morning. She is completely recovered now.

She started creche today. I didn't think it would bother me, but I feel a bit anxious today. I know it will pass quickly and I will just drop her off and run soon!

Nissim is toilet trained almost completely now. It took about 4 days! Unbelievable. He is so clever. He kept refusing for almost this entire year. But I stayed home for 4 days and did nothing but toilet train! He loves undies now! Still night nappies because he loves his bottle at bed time! No worries!

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