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Growing and Hormones

We got a phone call on Monday Morning telling us that Tova had a bed that night in the hospital for an elective treatment (a bunch of blood tests for the endocrinologist).

I spent the rest of the day rushing about like a crazy person organising everything and everyone.

Tova and I made it to the hospital by 4pm (the time we were asked to be there). I wasn't exactly sure which ward we were supposed to be on, so I walked into the one we know best. I didn't have to say anything, a nurse said, 'oh hi Tova and mum, we are expecting you'.
We knew every nurse on duty and all of them agreed that we didn't need to spend the night there, so they put a hold on her bed and sent us home with instructions to be back at 7am. Which is exactly what we did. I am so happy that we didn't have to spend the night there.

We went home, had dinner and went to bed. Got up early and drove the 4 mins to the hospital.

Tova didn't eat from midnight last night until about 2pm today. This was part of the blood test. Everyone, including me was expecting the skinny, tiny little Tova to crash and need magic water through the drip at least once during the day. But nope, her sugars and all other blood tests stayed 'normal' all day. 

The blood test involved taking blood from her every 15 mins for the first hour or two then every half hour after that, all day! Well almost all day, from about 8am till 2pm. She drank water, and nothing else.

They took the blood from a drip thingy that they placed in her arm first thing in the morning (and got in first go, which is unheard of, as Tova has no veins). The doctor who did it even won a block of chocolate for getting it first go as everyone on the ward knows that Tova has no veins.

They were clever about putting the drip in, they gave Tova nitrous which was very helpful. She was so drugged out, it was funny. It wore off pretty quick.

She spend the day watching hi 5, wiggles and night garden.

At 2, once she was able to eat, she ate heaps.

We are home now, the entire thing was much easier than I had imagined. Tova is tougher than we all imagined, the doctor commented that it is a sign that we feed her the right foods and she must eat well, because all her levels were so good all day even with all the blood being taken and no food.

The female doctor and her two students who were looking after Tova (and me) today were above and beyond excellent. They were fun, compassionate, interesting, friendly, informative, and down to earth. They made the entire day much easier.

The results, well, we find out in a few months, but it looks like she produces all the growth hormones herself perfectly and doesn't need growth hormone treatment. She is just small!

We hadn't made a decision to give her the hormone treatment, we were/are just exploring our options.

What a day!

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