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Hearing Test

Yesterday Tova had a hearing test to see if the Grommets have made a difference.

Firstly they tested if the Grommets were working properly and discovered that one of them is blocked, the other one is working perfectly. So I have to talk about the blocked one with the surgery team at our check up in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it isn't causing Tova any discomfort.

Secondly they did the hearing test. Nissim came into the room and was a PERFECT boy, he sat there quiet as a mouse for the entire time. I am so proud of him. The Audiology lady didn't want him to come in and told me she would find someone to sit with him outside the room, I told her that made me very uncomfortable (leaving my little boy with a stranger), so she reluctantly let him come in..

So, the end result of Tova's hearing test is that she has very good hearing! Thank god a billion times over! There are no words to express how wonderful that is. One less thing to worry about, one less challenge for Tova. It is absolutely wonderful!

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