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Keeping Warm

We have put a heater in Tova's bed-room over night. Hopefully the warmth along with naturopathic drugs and some crossing of fingers will help keep the croup away. So far so good.

Eating is the same. We really need to find someone to help us move forward with Tova's eating. I haven't had much luck finding a speechy who knows much about eating and people like Tova.

Yuval and I put Tova on the scales this evening after dinner and before the bath. Strangly she was 11.2kg, but when we visited the hospital earlier in the month she was 11.9kg on their scales. I think I like theirs! haha. Different scales, different weight. Not to worry, she sure feels heavy.

Both Nissim and Tova are completely happy in their respective child care centers.

Nissim has been going to Swimming lessons for the past few months once a week and loving it. Hopefully next semester (in a few weeks) Tova can start too. I just don't know about those stupid Grommets. I think they have already grown out, but am not completely sure.

Tova has been really interested in using the toilet/potty, so toilet training Tova here we come! That should be a heap of fun.

I have been messing around with this website, so a bunch of pages are not quite in order. It should be all fixed up soon enough.

That's it really. It has been nice with no hospital stay for almost TWO months. LOVELY! I get a sick feeling when I think about having to go back there. It is so horrible for Tova. It is scary and uncomfortable stuff going to that place with a sick child. 

Croup but not....
Croup but different